Data Center Provider Partnerships for a New World

How data center provider partners help customers put workloads where they work best.

Partners have always been essential to Dell Technologies. But now, as customers change why and how they buy IT, those relationships are becoming more vitally important. Dell Technologies and our partners unlock next-generation deployment models that enable customers to achieve their business and technology goals.

Dell Technologies with sections labeled Public, Sovereign, and Edge. As customers move away from exclusively in-house IT and adopt multi-cloud as their standard, they quickly realize, that in order to reduce complexity, they need the help of data center provider partners to help them put their workloads where they work best.

The good news is that Dell’s ecosystem of partners can provide solutions that incorporate the necessary infrastructure, interconnection, services and trusted technical and vertical market expertise. Together, we can help our customers determine where they need to go, then provide everything they need to get there, stay there and keep moving forward.

Dell Technologies + Partners = The Power of Three

We call this the “Power of Three.” Dell Technologies provides an industry-leading portfolio and solutions¹ all available as-a-Service through Dell Technologies APEX. Equinix provides global fabric, interconnection, and co-location capabilities.

The third powerful element in the ecosystem is the Dell Technologies alliance of hyperscalers, co-location providers, cloud service providers, telcos, system integrators and outsourcers who provide the capabilities and knowledge needed to support customers across different types of industries, geographies and enterprises.

We bring all these capabilities to bear on customers’ challenges by focusing on workload optimization. Customers want to consume services and drive outcomes, not invest in assets, and keep them running. Our opportunity lies in showing customers how next-generation deployment models can help them realize their objectives.

Optimizing Workloads is More Important Than Ever

As customers seek outcomes and deploy a multi-cloud strategy, workload placement is critical. They’re discovering that classic shared, dedicated and edge deployment models work well enough for the first 80% of their workloads but aren’t their best options for complex, demanding workloads such as:

    • Traditional workloads that are too expensive to refactor.
    • Interdependent workloads that interact with feeder systems and edge devices.
    • Heavy workloads including OLTP, DBM, HPC, and analytics.
    • Repatriation targets for workloads that encounter issues where they are deployed.

We can help customers optimize even their most demanding workloads with three next-generation deployment models:

    • Sovereign Adjacency: Combines dedicated Dell Technologies infrastructure with direct, high-speed interconnection and proximity to public clouds, SaaS providers, partners and suppliers within a single physical facility.
    • Interconnected Enterprise: Multiplies, connects and integrates Sovereign Adjacency with secure, fast, private, on-demand infrastructure.
    • Intelligent Edge:Transforms information into insight by delivering edge data to cloud-native analytics, machine learning, AI and other data platforms.

Next-generation deployment models give customers complete control over their workloads. They minimize latency, amplify performance, enhance security, simplify compliance and keep costs under control by aligning IT resources with organizational demands. At the edge, next-generation deployment models enable customers to build business ecosystems informed and empowered by pervasive, real-time visibility and intelligence.

Sovereign Adjacency infrasctructure infographic. Partners are Essential to Reach Full Cloud Potential

As customers demand higher-value outcomes with new decision-makers and condensed timelines, our partners are changing their business models and routes to market to address these needs head-on.

Partnership is a primary strategy for adapting and succeeding as customers evolve their requirements, decision-making processes and purchasing patterns.

With a sound partner strategy, organizations can realize the full potential of their multi-cloud deployments. At Dell, we’re doing everything we can to help customers succeed through our global ecosystem of partners.

Learn more about Dell’s ecosystem of cloud partners.

1 Dell Technologies is #1 in infrastructure, IDC Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2021Q3, December 7, 2021, Vendor Revenue and IDC Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, 2021Q3, December 7, 2021, Vendor Revenue

Denise Millard

About the Author: Denise Millard

Denise Millard serves as Chief Partner Officer at Dell Technologies. She is responsible for delivering the promise of Dell Technologies to customers, together with some of Dell’s most strategic partners and industry experts while leading Dell’s partner strategy and vision, enablement, program design and experience. Dell Technologies’ partner ecosystem extends the reach of Dell’s capabilities by combining Dell’s essential technology with its partner’s unique technology and expertise to provide essential and innovative solutions to customers. Millard’s passion for connecting with customers and enabling sales and partner organizations has been a constant throughout her 25+ year career. She previously held senior executive roles leading Sales Operations, Channel Sales, Learning and Enablement, Field Marketing, Sales Strategy and Professional Services. Effective collaboration is a hallmark of Millard’s leadership. During her decade in partner-centric roles, she launched partner and partner services programs, managed top partner relationships, and drove program enablement to support direct and partner selling motions. She played a vital role in the integration of Dell and EMC as a member of the Value Creation Integration Office focused on Go-To-Market integration and field readiness for the newly combined organization. Intensely committed to developing the next generation of talent, Millard is a strong believer in mentorship and development. She is a long-standing sponsor and contributor to Dell’s Women In Action (WIA) Resource Group. Millard lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. An avid fitness enthusiast, she can often be found at her local CrossFit gym. She holds an MBA from Clark University and a BS in Business from Bryant University.