Dell Announces Masters Program for Dell TechCenter

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imageEarlier this week I blogged about my data center colleagues over at Dell's Enterprise Technology Center (aka Dell TechCenter). They are a community of system-admins, data center managers and other technical people that are on the hunt for new ways to get more out of their data center servers, storage and networking equipment.

imageThis week, Dell TechCenter launched the Dell Masters Program, a network of technical superstars within Dell TechCenter who create and contribute community content (scripts, whitepapers, videos etc.) based on their own experiences, ideas and innovations.

Take a look at a post written by Dell-Scott H (aka @dellservergeek or Scott Hanson by his wife, colleagues and friends) on the Dell TechCenter blog announcing the new program. He walks you through how to get registered and why stinkin' badges are not part of this program.

Editor-in-Chief Tom Kolnowski sums it up nicely, "The Dell Masters Program is all about using deep peer-to-peer networking."

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