Dell Data Protection Suite Continues to Evolve with Vital Backup and Recovery Products

“One-size-fits-all just doesn’t work, especially with backup. That’s why it’s paramount for us to partner with a backup vendor that offers our customers the choice and flexibility they need,” says Ron Salazar, general manager of MR2 Solutions a premier partner in our PartnerDirect program.

Dell AppAssure Best of TechEd Finalist 2014And that’s why Dell Software’s Data Protection division is pleased to announce three important product releases.  In addition to significant improvements in AppAssure’s archiving capabilities, we are launching two new data protection appliances that expand our portfolio: the DL1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance and the Dell DR2000v disk backup appliance.

“Data and information today is the lifeblood of most companies, and it’s critical that none of that data gets overlooked during the backup and recovery process. Data residing in small offices, home offices, and remote or branch offices needs to be protected just the same as any other data,” says Jim Friedrich, field sales engineer at ARC.

The DL1000 is a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) that was designed with smaller environments in mind. It is built by Dell, powered by AppAssure, giving small environments the ability to protect their data with the reliability of a Dell PowerEdge server married with the backup, restore, replication, and archive capabilities of AppAssure. For small businesses, this affordable stand-alone appliance can help you establish a complete data protection regimen that is easy to deploy and manage. We’ve even designed a cloud archive connector, designed to let you rely on your cloud storage provider to maintain the hardware you need on which to store archives. For small remote offices, this appliance can act in concert with a larger AppAssure deployment (either AppAssure software or the DL4000). For more details on the specifics of this appliance, please refer to the product’s datasheet.

In addition to archiving improvements, the latest version of AppAssure (5.4.2) also now offers support for the next generation of virtual machines. Not only can we protect Hyper-V Gen 2 machines and VMware hardware version 10, you can use those versions of VMs to protect your environment by setting up Virtual Standby. We also now have full support for SQL Server up to and including SQL Server 2014. AppAssure has also obtained FIPS compliance.

The other PBBA that we announced today is the Dell DR2000v disk backup appliance. This is a virtual edition of the popular DR series of backup and deduplication appliances. This software solution is specifically designed for ROBO settings and runs on a virtual machine loaded into a customers’ hypervisor server at the remote or branch office.  The DR2000v license can be easily downloaded for deployment and is activated by peering it with any of Dell’s DR appliances (DR4000, DR4100 or DR6000). With this virtual appliance, you can back up your remote and branch offices and then replicate the data to a core office.   In addition, we’ve added one new data protection application (Atempo TimeNavigator)  to the roster of products supported by the DR Series and we’ve enhanced the series disaster recovery capabilities with cascaded replication and replication seeding.

Watch the Dell Data Protection blog for up-to-the-minute release information.  We’re committed to bringing you cutting-edge data protection at affordable prices. The DL1000, and AppAssure 5.4.2 are available now and the DR2000v is available on Thursday July 17. All three solutions are available direct from Dell or through the channel. Pricing for the DL1000 starts at $4,300 for 2TB of capacity, $6,000 for 3TB of capacity, and $8,300 for 3TB of capacity, plus two licensed Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. Pricing for the DR2000v starts $4,200 for 1TB of capacity, $7,500 for 2TB, and $13,500 for 4TB.

We are excited about the steady growth of our data protection portfolio that enables us to bring world class data protection to every type of customer. We’d love to hear from you in the comments about your experiences with our products, or ideas for improvement.

About the Author: Kaustubh Pradhan