Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance – Innovation Without Compromise

Today, we are delivering a major leap in data protection with the new Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), which will enable our customers to transform their protection environments.

IDPA is a new pre-integrated, turnkey appliance that is simple to deploy and scale, and delivers holistic data protection with comprehensive feature-set and broad workload coverage. IDPA is specifically designed to solve increasingly complex data protection challenges of modern enterprises.

So, why Integrated Data Protection Appliance and why now?

Business and technology landscapes continue to evolve. Data growth and democratization are enabling more powerful next gen applications. Businesses are increasingly leveraging cloud for flexibility, agility and economics. Business cycles continue to shrink and the pressure continues to mount for organizations to invest in future-proof technologies with faster time to value.

For most organizations today, trying to meet these challenges results in fragmented data protection environments with multiple point products and protection siloes for different applications and platforms.  The end result is significantly increased time to value, costs and complexity, and lower reliability.

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is purpose-built to solve the data protection challenges facing the modern enterprises.

Dell EMC IDPA is a pre-integrated, modern, holistic and future proof solution that is:

Converged and Comprehensive

IDPA offers next-generation of data protection convergence by converging across four key vectors:

  • Protection storage, software, search, and analytics integrated into a single appliance, accelerating the time to protect by 10X.
  • Protection across a wide and diverse application ecosystem, both physical and virtual, and support for multiple hypervisors (vSphere and HyperV).
  • Efficient protection and accelerated recovery leveraging the power of flash
  • Extends data protection seamlessly from data centers to private and public clouds with native cloud-tiering for long term retention

And IDPA offers customers one-stop support for the entire appliance eliminating the overhead and risks associated with working with multiple vendors and support organizations

Fast and Modern

IDPA is specifically designed for enterprise needs for IT transformation. It delivers support for modern applications like MongoDB, Hadoop, MySQL, provides boosted application direct protection, is optimized for applications and VMware with faster performance and instant recoverability – up to 20 percent faster than our closest competition, and is built on industry-proven data invulnerability architecture (DIA) for encryption, fault detection and healing.

High-Value and Low-TCO: IDPA delivers an average of 55:1 data reduction with the leading deduplication technology for on-premise and cloud. Furthermore, it enables customers to start small and grow as they need, and scale without overhead.

Check out the video to learn more how IDPA enables customers to solve complex data protection challenges:

Flexibility and choice to fit your needs

Dell EMC IDPA will be in 4 different models to fit the needs of enterprise and mid-size businesses, with capacity for the entry level IDPA (DP5300) starting at 34 TB usable capacity with the highest end IDPA (DP8800) scaling up to 1 PB usable capacity.

To learn more about the Dell EMC IDPA, check out the Dell EMC IDPA home page and follow @DellEMCProtect on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.

About the Author: Beth Phalen

Beth Phalen is President and GM of the Data Protection Division at Dell EMC. She is responsible for the data protection portfolio that includes Data Protection Suite, Integrated Data Protection Appliance, Recoverpoint and Data Domain. Beth is responsible for leading a global team to deliver Dell EMC’s industry leading data protection portfolio to customers worldwide. In this capacity she oversees the engineering marketing and product management teams, drives the portfolio strategy and works closely with sales and global services to ensure successful end to end execution of the business.