Dell Partner Krome gets top marks at leading UK school

PartnerDirect is Dell’s global channel partner program. Here’s another great success story which demonstrate the true value-add that Dell partners bring to the table.

I’m not a fan of buzz words, but I can’t help feeling that the phrase “digital natives” is spot on for describing today’s children. Interacting with a computer, a mobile phone or any digital device is as natural to them as a pad and pencil were to youngsters a generation ago. This development has created some great opportunities for schools across the world, as well as some interesting challenges. The Westgate School, in the UK, is a good example.

The school’s investment in IT and its pupils’ ability to get the most from the technology has helped The Westgate School become one of the best in the country. But then increasing usage saw the infrastructure run into capacity problems. On the face of it, the solution seemed pretty simple: add more servers and storage or virtualize your hardware. And in many ways the answer was easy because the school took the virtualization route using Dell solutions. Yet, crucially for the school, it found a company that it could trust – Dell Partner Krome. The truth is that peace of mind in these kinds of projects is vital since schools can’t afford IT issues wrecking their academic timetables. With Krome, The Westgate School found an organisation with the right attitude to customer service and, importantly, a high level of expertise with Dell.

A comment from Chris Green, IT Manager, The Westgate School, stands out: “Krome’s attention to detail and excellent service levels have been central to the project’s success.” And when we couple this with the performance of the Dell solution – namely, Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage and Dell OptiPlex desktops – we find a really happy customer. Lots of great things have come out of this engagement, such as an IT infrastructure that will support pupils for years to come. But just as importantly, it highlights the excellent work that Dell Partners are doing in education – and the reputations many are gaining among the UK’s best institutions.

You can download the full case study here (or click on the image below). You can also visit the Dell Partner Showcase, where you’ll also find additional case studies featuring Dell Preferred and Premier Partners.

The Westgate School an Dell case study

About the Author: James Wright