Dell Precision Customers Compute at the #SpeedofThought with New Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision Workstations - #SpeedofThought“Work at the speed of thought” isn’t just a tagline for Dell Precision workstations; it is the underlying design theme for all of our workstations. Our new Dell Precision M4600 and M6600 mobile workstations take that to heart by providing an unprecedented level of mobile performance with second generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics. And as Mano mentioned a few weeks ago, both models are available for sale worldwide today.

To showcase these new systems and their powerful capabilities, we teamed up with creative content and media production firm Arts+Labor to produce a jaw-droppingly cool video (click below to watch) which features speeding motorcycles and crashing alien spaceships. The video illustrates how our mobile workstations enable customers to build amazing creations every day.

While the phrase ‘eating our own dog food’ doesn’t conjure up images of culinary delight, its underlying meaning is very accurate for this project as the entire video was produced on Dell Precision workstations. The custom motorcycle featured in the video above (and pictured at the bottom of my post), the Travertson V-Rex, was designed on a Dell Precision T3500, at the racetrack the M6600 flawlessly captured 1900 frames per second directly from a high-speed Phantom camera, which produced the beautiful slow motion footage, and back at the Arts+Labor studio we used the M6600 to edit, color-correct and view extremely high resolution 4K footage in real time. The modeling and animation of the alien spaceship was constructed using our Dell Precision T7500 equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro 6000.

Erik Horn, Creative Director, Arts+Labor said, “We are able to tell more stories, in new and more creative ways than ever before, with the latest Dell Precision mobile workstations.” In addition, Arts+Labor was able to accelerate production tasks helping to control costs and meet tight client deadlines. To read more about the process of creating the video and how the artists used Dell workstations check out the Arts+Labor case study. Also, check out this “making of” edition for exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Whether at the race track or in the studio, Dell Precision workstations allow users to achieve new performance heights quickly and accurately. Our new M4600 and M6600 mobile workstations enable customers to take their workstation class tools with them wherever they need. Check out the video at and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter with #SpeedofThought.


About the Author: Jason Devos