Dell Publishes Key Suppliers in Fiscal 2009 CR Report

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Dell is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through our Global Sustainability efforts. As we continue to work toward achieving our corporate responsibility goals, we recognize that partnering with our suppliers will help us achieve far more than we can on our own. 

For example, our Supply Chain Social & Environmental Responsibility (SC SER) team has worked with our suppliers on reporting greenhouse gas emissions and on improving working conditions throughout the supply chain, while the product development team has worked with suppliers to eliminate substances of concern from product design. 

We are also committed to a culture of transparency which you can see reflected in our corporate responsibility reporting. In that spirit, we're announcing today that we are disclosing a list of our suppliers in our next corporate responsibility report, due out in mid-2009. We will include more than 95 percent of our suppliers as measured by our spend. This has been a request of a number of stakeholders around the globe, and we've worked to put the business and legal tools in place to make this possible.

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Topics in this article