Dell’s Urban Meet Ups- Where Art and Tech Collide

This past Monday, San Francisco hosted an Urban Meet Up where executives, artists and influencers from Dell showcased new products as a way of encouraging media, bloggers, small business owners and Dell enthusiasts to come together for an event where art and technology collide.

Urban artists including Mike Ming, Tristan Eaton and Guillome Wolf, who contributed to a community painting (both artists and attendees added to the piece of art)and interacted with attendees who played video games, made personalized t-shirts, viewed demos, blogged and tweeted while interacting with Dell executives and listening to music.

The event showcased different technology designs that not just regular consumers, but small business owners can purchase as a reflection of their business’s brand. How do you express your brand in your office or store? Does the look of where you work reflect what you do?

Looking for more images from the event? Check them out in the Dell Events group on Flickr.

About the Author: Kara Krautter