Dell Technologies Delivers Proven Wins with IoT Connected Bundles

It’s difficult to imagine there was a time when wireless networks, mobile devices, and IP-based collaboration platforms were viewed as unsuitable for the enterprise. Today, we can’t go a day without these technologies at work.

IoT Connected Bundles

The Dell Technologies team predicts the Internet of Things (IoT) will follow the same adoption curve. However, we understand the risks associated with IoT are significant. Customers have to think about workplace safety, security, customer experience; but perhaps more important, they also need to think about people’s livelihoods and jobs, which can be disrupted by automation.

But we believe in the power of consumerization, and that our desire for productivity and efficiency is stronger than our fears.

Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to drive the changes necessary to bring IoT to an organization of all sizes. Through our breadth of experience, we’ve acquired a rich body of knowledge deploying IoT at scale, which enables us to reduce the risks associated with IoT; from interoperability to unpredictability.  We are packaging the lessons we’ve learned through our journey to create IoT Connected Bundles for the channel partners which are repeatable solutions with proven IoT wins for customers.

It is quite a complicated process to build the IoT solutions which are a mix of components like sensors, gateways, partner software applications and network connections to create the end-to-end solution. Dell Technologies brings together Technology and Services partners with the essential IoT components into an award-winning IoT Solutions Partner Program.  With the growing partner base, the program’s extensive and smart curation process has helped us identify the first eight solutions to participate in the new “IoT Connected Bundles” program with a built-in method for partners to bubble up for consideration for engineered solutions and bring vertical solutions to market with Dell Technologies capabilities. Our engineered solutions are developed and tested by Dell Technologies and are comprised of a combination of at least two portfolio assets together with additional IP.  We’re engineering a foundational infrastructure suite that’s composed of purely Dell Technologies assets which turn into use-case specific solutions when partner and/or end customer extensions are applied. We are at a fascinating phase with IoT at Dell Technologies, and I could not be more excited to be part of this journey.

The IoT Connected bundles could be looked at as an extension to your strengths as a trusted IT services company to install and manage IoT with the same security and rigor you bring to your existing systems. Hardware, software, and peripherals — all it takes to deploy each solution can be now found in one single box. De-risk IoT with simplified deployment for rapid RoI. The IoT Connected Bundles leverage the Dell Technologies portfolio to bring IoT value to main street faster than ever before.

The IoT Connected Bundles are a vital part of our commitment to investing in IoT. Last year’s IoT Strategy Launch led to many conversations with partners and customers. Today, we have a better understanding than ever of the challenges and opportunities before them. Our mission is to deliver IoT solutions that are purpose-built, approachable, and interoperable and stand the test of time. We’re setting our sights on solving practical business problems with common-sense solutions, accessible to a broad set of consumers. For the first seven IoT Connected Bundles, we’ve partnered with domain experts in energy savings for grocery retailers while improving food quality and safety, self-contained and powered surveillance for safety and security in outdoor spaces, compliance-aaS for HVAC, refrigeration and power systems, advanced Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), efficient remote monitoring of field assets in Oil and Gas operations, predictive maintenance in midmarket manufacturing and digital manufacturing intelligence suite for larger-scale operations.

These solutions bring forth benefits that make a measurable difference. The surveillance IoT Connected Bundles solution can make cities safer more efficiently than traditional solutions by entirely bypassing the costly, and regulation-heavy electrical trenching process. The cold-chain IoT Connected Bundles solution enables food retailers to reduce food waste, minimize the use of environmental resources and bring fresher produce to into our kitchens. The oil & gas field monitoring IoT Connected Bundles solution not only lowers operational costs but makes it safer for field workers to track pivotal data — its technology can identify threats like changes in temperature, pressure, or even a potential leak.

We are excited to announce the first four IoT Connected Bundles solutions with ELM Fieldsight, Modius, V5 Systems in NA and ActionPoint in EMEA will be available in September 2018. Three other solutions with Pixel Velocity, Software AG, and IMS Evolve will be available this in Q3, and more are in consideration for rollout in 2019.

The IoT Connected Bundles will be offered exclusively to our channel partners, “Tech Data is proud of the IoT solutions we are making available to our customers around the world. These offerings are further testimony of the increasing importance of the solution aggregator role we play in IoT & Analytics. Bringing together the required components from different vendors in the form of solutions that are proven, validated and deployed at scale provides production-ready solutions for our customers and significantly speeds up the time to revenue.” Craig Smith, vice president, IoT & Analytics Europe, Tech Data.

We are committed to be the essential infrastructure company for businesses and communities of all types and sizes. Taking the guesswork out of IoT and accelerating access for a wide range of customers, delivers on our mission of making innovation real, for everyone.

About the Author: Chris Wolff

Chris Wolff, “Wolffie”, joined Dell EMC in October 2017, to establish the company’s Office of Global OEM and IOT Partnerships. Reporting to Dell Channel President Joyce Mullen, Wolffie and her team ensure Dell’s partnerships with technology, IOT, software, cloud and reseller partners are simple, predictable and profitable. Wolffie also chairs the Dell Technologies Internet of Things division’s go-to-market committee, led by Mullen and VMWare CTO Ray O’Farrell. This first-of-its kind division unites Dell EMC, VMWare and Dell’s strategically aligned businesses behind Dell’s billion-dollar investment in delivering the promise of IOT to customers. Before joining Dell, Wolffie played a key role in building Dimension Data from an early-stage to nearly $8 billion business, and establishing solutions marketing, sales development, talent engagement functions. Most recently, she was Dimension Data’s SVP, Group Cisco Alliance, serving the firm’s multi-billion dollar portfolio of strategic initiatives with Cisco. Wolffie earned an AB from Duke University. She is a member of The Boston Club, which seeks to get more women on Boards in Massachusetts. She is currently a Women of the Channel board member. She likes to spend her free time cycling, golfing, mentoring women in STEM, and cheering on the Duke Blue Devils.