Empowering Small and Growing Businesses with the 2-in-1 Dell Latitude

There’s no question that small businesses need a technology partner vs. a provider. Faced with strapped budgets, limited resources and often lacking a dedicated IT department, small businesses require advanced, reliable and secure tools that will keep business running on time and efficiently. Dell works closely with its small business customers to understand these needs and is focused on offering uncompromising performance to allow business to quickly meet customer demands and focus on what matters most.

That’s why staying abreast of the latest form factors and solutions is critical in today’s competitive business landscape. Specifically, the growth of 2-in-1 devices are revolutionizing the way workers perform day-to-day jobs, from data entry in the field, to visual design, virtual collaboration and any number of other tasks in the office and beyond. Of course, companies of all sizes can benefit from the function and flexibility of a convertible laptop, but until recently, these devices have primarily been built and packaged for enterprises and larger organizations.

So to better meet this need for small and growing businesses, which comprise 99.7 percent of companies in the United States, Dell has expanded its small business portfolio to offer these solutions for this critical market. With the addition of the Dell Latitude 13 3000 Series Convertible, small and growing businesses are equipped with a powerful, professional, easily managed and reliable 2-in-1 notebook. With a 13.3-inch FHD (1920×1080) display, the Dell Latitude 3379 offers an upscale set of features, including power, productivity, reliability and security benefits packed into a sleek and brushed aluminum convertible laptop.

Small businesses employ 56.8 million people in the U.S., or 48 percent of the private workforce, and this is only expected to continue growing. The number of small businesses in the U.S. has increased 49 percent since 1982. Therefore, the 28 million small businesses account for 54 percent of all U.S. sales. Supporting and tending to the demands of this massive audience is top of mind for Dell; therefore, building a convertible laptop for this market was a no-brainer.

With this product, we’re delivering the features that our small businesses care about to stimulate productivity and growth:

  • Design: The laptop works in four distinct modes using the versatile 360-degree hinge —laptop, tent, stand and tablet— to use for editing spreadsheets to developing presentations. It automatically switches between tablet and desktop modes, helping workers change seamlessly amongst tasks without getting distracted. On top of flexibility, the aluminum exterior provides a sleek and pleasing look.
  • Performance: The 6th Gen Intel® Skylake-U (Pentium, i3, i5) processors and available graphics ensure small businesses aren’t slowed down by performance issues, whether they’re surfing the web, preparing a PowerPoint or editing videos.
  • More functionality: The laptop comes with a USB Type C port so power, data and audio are all integrated without add-ons or compromises. For small business employees, this means fewer cables to contend with and more desk space for project work.
  • Windows Hello capable infrared camera: Built with a standard IR camera, the convertible fully supports Windows Hello out of the box and logs users in with a look. This offers important security benefits for small business employees, especially those working from coffee shops and other remote or public locations.
  • Affordability: Cost remains top of mind for any small business owner – therefore, Dell has delivered a laptop that packs 256 GB of storage space, up to 16GB of memory and up to eight hours of battery life, all at a reasonable price.

Combined with Dell’s trademark service and support, small businesses are prepared with a vital tool, whether implementing Dell devices, learning how to use them or troubleshooting an issue, having a reliable partner means a great deal to our resource-strapped small business customers.

Creating accessible and affordable technology for customers of all shapes and sizes is what Dell does best. Specifically supporting the success of this key market of the business world remains our priority as the segment continues to expand and opportunities unfold.

The Dell Latitude 13 3000 Series 2-in-1 is available now on dell.com starting at $699.

About the Author: Raza Haider