Empowering Teachers Through Technology

When people think about industries where technology is a make it or break it factor, they often naturally consider fields like space exploration and computer science. Education should be top of mind as technology directly impacts how students learn, and eventually move through the world, in fact 93 percent of teachers are using digital tools to help guide instruction.[i]

As technology changes, impacts are felt by those in the education sector. Newer, more powerful digital technology changes how everyone from student to superintendent operate within the school environment. For example, the expectation for digital savviness is so high that in many cases administrators are taking to Twitter to tweet school delays and cancellations, rather than a phone call.

A recent Forbes article reporting on digital transformation trends in education noted that educators’ classrooms are beginning to replicate trends in workforce transformation. This means, classrooms are becoming more collaborative-friendly spaces to facilitate students and teachers working together. At the crux of this trend are smart technologies.

As Dell zeroes in on the classroom, we’ve kept collaboration in mind, resulting in the 55-inch 4K Conference Room Monitor (C5519Q). This monitor is ideal for small, open learning spaces. It offers outstanding viewing experience optimized for exceptionally sharp text with 4K resolution.  With the wide 178° viewing angle feature, students can easily see content whilst collaborating in groups or in teams around the table. From elementary school to master’s courses, students and teachers can easily present thanks to the array of ports (DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI).

When selecting digital tools, teachers have cost, time and tailoring student tasks in mind. The C5519Q monitor makes that easy, waking up and shutting down upon connection, and by preventing any unintended changes to the settings through its Lock Mode feature.

It seems that every generation is more tech-savvy than the last. Now it’s more imperative than ever to make sure technology in the class room can keep up.

[i] Teachers Know Best: Making Data Work for Teachers and Students, November 2015


*Monitor comes with optional stands

About the Author: Davis Lee