Ensuring Patient Satisfaction and Safety With IQA

Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) testing is critical for the successful development and deployment of applications in any industry. It keeps projects and programs on track, ensuring they’re managed and governed to a high standard, and determining if any action is required to prevent future issues. IQA not only improves the probability of delivering a successful project, but also reduces overall costs and minimizes downtime.

Using a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team is key to preventing defects and downtime due to application malfunctions. It’s especially critical in healthcare — as providers, payers and life sciences organizations use a wide variety of complex, integrated applications in their critical, day-to-day processes. Application downtime or malfunction can inconvenience users, damage an organization’s reputation, and impact the quality-of-care a patient receives.

The following are real-world examples of healthcare systems and the negative impacts of their application failure:

Consumer hospital websites: If a potential patient is looking for a specialty physician at a hospital and the “Find a Physician” search function doesn’t provide relevant results, the patient might move onto another hospital — resulting in frustration and a loss of revenue.

Patient admission, discharge and transfers: When a hospital admits a patient, administrators need to record patient data and successfully send that data to other integrated systems. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, it leads to problems for other departments and applications, and requires patient follow-up later to retrieve the mandatory data. This results in more time spent on administrative processes, and a delay in patient care — and lost revenue.

Even minor system defects can ultimately result in dissatisfied patients. By thoroughly testing these systems, QA teams can prevent any problems, and increase productivity while improving a patient’s safety and the quality of medical care.

With the ever-changing healthcare market, organizations need applications that consistently perform as expected, while complying with evolving regulatory standards. Using best practices and an integrated framework for IQA testing can help deliver superior and secure applications.

Dell can help

At Dell Application Testing Services, we understand our customers’ unique business needs. Our cost-effective solutions improve business continuity, ensuring patient safety and quality care. We offer a variety of proven testing solutions for electronic medical record applications, payroll, billing and everything in between.

Our solutions help transform QA testing end-to-end, ensuring an agile and productive workforce. Unlike highly commoditized, traditional models of manually intensive, end-of-software lifecycle engagements, Dell Services has developed unique intellectual property that supports a wide variety of healthcare functions and systems.

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Whitepaper Thumbnail ImageThe Importance of Independent Quality Assurance for Patient Safety and Quality Care

With the growing challenges of cost competitiveness and meeting regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations need software applications that are compliant with federal and security requirements — and perform at expected quality levels. Utilizing best processes and an integrated framework can help deliver superior and secure applications. Know how Dell support healthcare systems— from consumer websites and hospital bed tracking to human resources and clinical platforms — with comprehensive testing services.

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JP VijayvargiaJP Vijayvargia has 15+ years of testing experience and has worked in all three streams i.e. Test Delivery, Test Consultation and is now part of the Sales team for Healthcare Provider Testing across the United States. In the past, he has managed testing delivery for 200+ testers and has traveled globally for test consultation assignment. As part of the sales team, he has grown the testing footprint in existing accounts as well as helped in opening new healthcare accounts. He also have worked with team to develop EMR end-to-end comprehensive and cost effective testing solutions.

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