Go Big or Go Home: Giving Midrange Storage Customers “Future-Proof” Peace of Mind and Valuable Benefits

It’s great to be a midrange storage customer. It’s a buyer’s market and there are literally dozens of vendors offering myriad data storage array choices to meet all kinds of workload needs. And if the wide variety of products wasn’t enough, vendors are also throwing in all kinds of extras to help lure customers to go with their product.

It’s not enough to have the best product or even the lowest prices. Midrange storage buyers want assurances they’ll be getting the best customer experience and performance guarantees that will give them confidence they made the right purchase decision for their organization.

Rather than play along with what other vendors offer, Dell decided to go big with our new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program, offering stronger and longer guarantees, and unique benefits such as a free cloud-based solution to store snapshots forever; a great new way to protect your business.

The Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program gives customers a simple, cost-effective path to adopt new technologies and helps lower concerns about technology obsolescence.

Looking for satisfaction and efficiency guarantees? Check. Those are in the program. Need worry-free migrations to new technology, coupled with hardware investment protection? Check. That too is in the program. Looking to try cloud storage in your midrange project? That’s free and you guessed it – in the program. And all of this is offered through our regular support agreements – no extra cost maintenance tiers or forced long-term support agreements.


Let’s take a deeper look into these programs that our customers and partners can benefit from.

Three-Year Satisfaction Guarantee*

We’re so confident that our products will deliver on what we say they’ll provide, we’ll back this up with a long-term satisfaction guarantee. While some vendors may appear to have a similar program, ask them about the actual duration of their guarantee. Dell is providing a three-year satisfaction guarantee, the longest in the industry. Our products will do what we say they will, or we’ll take it back.

4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee*

When moving to All-Flash storage, overall data efficiency is very important. You want maximum performance at minimal cost. Simply follow the best practices we recommend and we’ll back that up with a guarantee that we’ll reduce your storage capacity needs by 75%. We’ll make this offer without complex pre-assessments and restrictions as other vendors often do.

Never-Worry Data Migrations

Technology obsolescence is the top concern for some customers. With the rapid pace of technology innovations, getting stuck with old IT products is a potential liability. To dramatically change the game, we’re offering a simple plan to move to next generation Dell technology, with seamless upgrades and built-in on-line data migration technology. For other vendors, this path often requires downtime or third-party products to facilitate data movement. With Dell, we actually help remove the risk and worry.

Hardware Investment Protection*

We’ve talked about the rapid pace of IT infrastructure innovation. For many CTOs, technology obsolescence is a large liability. We understand that concern, and we’re announcing a solution to help our customers. With the hardware investment protection guarantee, we’re providing flexible credit that can be used towards newer technologies. This can used by our customers to continue with our midrange storage products, or they have the flexibility to use this credit for hyper-converged Infrastructure systems or almost anything else in the Dell portfolio. This offers even greater choice, something that CTOs may not receive from other suppliers.

All-Inclusive Software Applications*

Business growth and IT needs are hard to determine at the onset of a storage project. Yet storage companies have traditionally required customers to either buy their storage software system up front, or offer complex line-item pricing. Customers want simplicity and everything they need over time to be included with the initial storage purchase. Everything you need to store, manage and protect data is included with your Dell Unity or SC All-Flash purchase.

Built-in Virtustream Storage Cloud* (for Dell Unity at This Time)

Snapshots provide fast, granular recovery intervals. As an alternative to tape or other data backup methods, customers are looking for the lowest possible cost to store their long-term snapshots and often the lowest cost option is the cloud. Now with the Built-in Cloud Storage Guarantee, Dell Unity customers get “cloud in a box”.  What could be easier – just automatically tier snapshots to their built-in Virtustream Storage Cloud for long-term snapshot retention. This is the most cost-effective way to create long-term system recovery points, and it’s all part of the Future-Proof program. Snapshots can live forever in the cloud.

Today’s midrange storage customers require more than simply “good” products. They require full-featured, efficient products that are easy to purchase and configure, and provide key functionality to protect their data. To address the rapid pace of technology, which can render products obsolete, they also require innovative programs to ensure lasting value. We believe our new midrange storage products and programs will give our customers and partners added confidence to continue their IT Transformation efforts with Dell as their most trusted supplier.

Find out More: Dell.com/Future-Proof

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[i] Customer must purchase a three year ProSupport agreement. Any refund would be prorated. Satisfaction is based on product compliance with product specifications.

[ii] System must be setup according to best practices; 4:1 All Flash Storage Efficiency Agreement must be signed before purchase.

[iii] Subject to terms and conditions of Dell trade-in program.

[iv] Includes all on-array and select off-array software needed to store, move, and manage data.

[v] Free storage cloud capacity is limited to 20% of purchased storage capacity.

Sam Grocott

About the Author: Sam Grocott

Sam Grocott is the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. He leads the marketing activities for all infrastructure and client solutions and the services portfolio, including critical GTM activities across the portfolio, such as AI, APEX & Multicloud, Edge, Telecom, portfolio marketing and competitive intelligence. Sam began his career at Isilon Systems in 2001, where he led product management and helped launch Isilon's first products in 2003. After EMC acquired Isilon in 2010, Sam headed the marketing and product management team that delivered the market-leading scale-out NAS offering. When Dell acquired EMC in 2016, Sam's role expanded to cover the Dell Infrastructure Solutions portfolio for Marketing. The organization evolved to represent the entire Dell Technologies portfolio a few years later.