Identity and Access Management is All About Enabling the Yes

As I am sure you have seen or read by now, Dell Security is well on its way to helping CISOs at large enterprises open their own “Departments of Yes.”  If you haven’t seen our announcements or new website, I encourage you to check them out soon.

To build upon what my colleague Patrick Sweeney blogged about a few days back, I wanted to provide an IAM-specific view as to what a Department of Yes might look like. For the past several years as I have traveled around meeting with companies, agencies, colleges, hospitals and school districts (in fact, I am meeting with a handful of companies in Australia as I am writing this), it’s become obvious that many of these enterprises waste money on security solutions that focus on denial, restriction and limitation at the expense of the business. With the right approach to identity and access management organizations can transform security to the practice of connecting, permitting, uniting and enabling.

Frankly, that’s one of the few guiding principles we have at Dell Security and it is manifested many times throughout the Dell One Identity portfolio.  Dell One Identity solutions connect your users, partners, and customers to your data, systems and applications to speed business processes and results. Dell One Identity solutions permit the “good guys” in your organization to do the right things, uniting the right users with the right systems and data without security getting in the way.

Our Dell Identity Management Solutions are network aware and can work together with Dell SonicWALL to provide better security with less complexity and cost. By connecting these technologies, we can enable our customers, from CISOs to security admins, to say Yes to their business counterparts.  No longer must the security department say no to projects like moving to the cloud or digital transformation or fear the business’ next audit. It’s based on this connected security posture that we intend to enable CISOs to say Yes to their businesses and earn the security department the kudos it deserves.

If you’d like to learn more about how Dell Security is changing the security game, check out our new website…and check back as we intend to provide more products, integrations and content to help you become the Department of Yes.

About the Author: John Milburn