It’s Teacher Appreciation Week: How has a teacher given you the power to do more?

My favorite teacher growing up was my middle school science teacher, Mr. Strack. He taught through experiments, interactive lab assignments and compelling lectures making science both fun and interesting. Mr. Strack’s class was so exciting his students were learning without even realizing it. I know first-hand that teachers have a lasting impact on our lives and help shape who we are.

Today during Teacher Appreciation Week – and every day – I find it a sincere privilege to shine a huge spotlight on teachers across the nation and around the world. A favorite part of my job is seeing a teacher in action and witnessing the special connection between them and their students. It’s that moment when a student discovers how to do something for the first time, that moment when a teacher figures out how to address a student’s individual learning style and that moment when a teacher is moving about their classroom with a set of thirty or more eyes full engrossed in what they are explaining.

Over the years with Dell Education, I have met thousands of teachers around the world and have been so fortunate for each of these opportunities. Know that your work, your dedication, mentorship and leadership – not just in your classroom but as the school day extends past the four walls of the classroom – is appreciated and it is noticed. The innovation and knowledge you bring to our children will have a lasting impact on their lives.

Today and this week, we’re honoring each and every teacher out there – in classrooms and in the community. Please follow along throughout the week using #topteach on Twitter as team members across Dell share the importance of teachers in their lives. I also invite you to share how a teacher has given you the power to do more using #topteach and by following the conversation from our Twitter handle @DellEdu.

Tonight, we’re excited to have our student guests Zak Malamed (@zakmal) and Allison Wu (@allisonswu) plus others join us on Twitter at 8:30 pm EST for their first #studentvoice chat. Please join us as we hear straight from students about their favorite teachers and what they think makes a great teacher.

As a leader of Dell’s work in schools around the world – and as a parent and grandparent – THANK YOU to each and every teacher out there! We appreciate you.

About the Author: Mark Horan