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 Note from Lionel: The power of technology grows as more users have access to it. Dell is helping the city of San Francisco provide some of its residents a connection to the digital world.

It's an example of one of Dell's key goals behind the concept of the Connected Era—ensuring that the benefits of IT can be accessed in every part of the world. Connecting is one of four priorities—along with regenerating, simplifying and listening—that Dell believes will define the next stage of technology.

City of San Francisco officials recently announced the launch of the TechConnect PC Purchase Program for Working Families.

Here is a guest post from Chris Vein, Chief Information Officer, City and County of San Francisco:

The TechConnect PC Purchase Program is a partnership that offers low-income working families in San Francisco the opportunity to buy a discounted Dell computer for a low monthly cost. This program is sponsored by Dell, Intel Corporation and Patelco Credit Union.

The City is committed to working with its corporate partners such as Dell to address San Francisco’s digital divide. Computer and Internet access have become essential to education, employment and civic participation. Mayor Gavin Newsom and I announced this program as part of a comprehensive citywide Digital Inclusion initiative to bring technology access to the City’s most disadvantaged residents.

The TechConnect program enables low-income families to more easily afford a computer and to use this access to improve their lives. In order to qualify, families must have received the Working Families Credit, a tax credit available to San Francisco households who earn less than $39,000 and have at least one child. The City provides free computer training at its public libraries and recreation centers.

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