Medialine builds IT infrastructure from scratch in 14 days

With big projects come big responsibilities. Ask Heitkamp Erd- und Straßenbau, a major civil engineering and construction business in Germany, and it’ll leave you in no doubt over what’s required in any large-scale undertaking. There’s efficiency for one, so that work comes in on time and within budget. But there’s also drive and commitment, ensuring that schedules aren’t derailed by the challenges that all projects face.

Knowing all this put Heitkamp in a strong position when it looked for an IT service provider to help create an entire IT infrastructure. The business was separating from its parent company and needed an infrastructure of its own. It was a major task, made more demanding by the fact that work had to be completed in just two months.

The good news for Heitkamp was that it already had a provider in mind – Dell Premier Partner Medialine. Michael Voigt, IT Manager at Heitkamp, says: “Because we’d worked with Medialine before, I was confident that we could meet our IT targets.” His confidence paid off. The Dell Partner used its experience in large-scale projects and expertise in Dell solutions to provide Heitkamp with an end-to-end solution in the allotted time. Amazingly – in just 14 days – Medialine completed project planning, installed new servers and transferred data for Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

The project showed just what can be achieved when efficiency, drive and commitment come together. Bearing in mind that Medialine deployed Dell servers, storage, networking technology, desktops, laptops and workstations, there was a lot that could have gone wrong. But with its expertise and Dell accreditations, as well as the ambition of all parties involved, everything worked out as planned.

And the results for Heitkamp? Besides getting an IT infrastructure to support its continued success, the company is now able to give staff better support, which in turn ensures improved customer service. But those aren’t the only benefits.

  • Heitkamp has boosted competitiveness with 50 per cent faster IT responses
  • Staff deliver great customer service with IT performance boosted by 30 per cent
  • Employees work more efficiently with improved desktop environment
  • The business drives growth and gains IT return on investment in two years
  • IT team stays focused on strategic development with responsive support

It’s a credit to Medialine that it took on such an ambitious project, and testament to the expertise and commitment of our Dell Partners. What’s more, it demonstrates that big projects can deliver big results.

Read the full case study here (or click on the image below):

 Heitkamp Customer Story - Dell

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