My New Year’s Resolution

Since this is the beginning of the new year… most goals are to start off feeling good about oneself.  I decided to try out “the Cleanser diet”…Lemons, Water, Cayenne pepper.

After testing out this diet….I have come to the conclusion that it if the overall goal is not healthy or making you feel energized the diet is not worth it.  I have now changed directions and am sticking to a 1200 calorie plan while also attending the gym 2-3 times a week.  My daily food consists of eating pretzels, chicken, fish and veggies.  In life when you look at the total picture make sure that you are doing what is healthy for yourself…

1200 calorie plan: Fat 20% = 26.6 grams of fat/daily; Protein 50% = 150 grams of protein/daily; Carbs 30% = 90 grams of carbs/daily

About the Author: Jill Olney