New 200TB Fast Track Solution Proves Dell EMC is the Go-To Platform for SQL Server Success

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Dell EMC now offers the LARGEST, SMALLEST and MOST array-based solutions in Microsoft’s SQL Server Fast Track catalog – what else would you expect from the leader in midrange storage?

Today’s business thrives on a steady diet of data – and Microsoft SQL Server is one of the premier technologies helping companies of all sizes capitalize on the value of that data, delivering real-time operational intelligence to create competitive advantage in nearly every industry.

Some assembly required?

But before you can achieve the benefits of SQL Server, you’ll need more than just software – an entire ecosystem is involved.  Whether the goal is traditional high-scale OLTP, advanced analytics, or the foundation of an AI/ML solution, successful deployments also require:

  • Powerful compute resources to efficiently drive millions (or billions) of transactions
  • Fast, flexible storage to cost-effectively handle a growing tsunami of input

These essential elements must work together with the host operating system, network infrastructure and SQL Server itself to deliver a throughput flow optimized for the specific database use desired.  If key components are sized incorrectly or misconfigured, you may end up spending too much, wasting personnel resources – or worst of all, not achieving the performance or flexibility required to meet your business objectives.  The necessary multi-disciplinary planning and coordination can be extremely complex.  

Take the SQL Fast Track

That’s where Dell EMC’s Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track solutions come in.  Fast Track is a joint effort between Microsoft and its infrastructure partners to deliver validated, pre-configured deployment guides that reduce the complexity of advanced data warehouse projects. These detailed solution “cookbooks” include ready-to-order hardware specs for balanced compute and storage systems, test-validated OS and software settings, cabling diagrams, and everything else required to ensure your deployment goes quickly and correctly the first time.

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, it’s not surprising Dell EMC takes a leadership position in the Fast Track program, where we now offer the LARGEST (200TB), the SMALLEST (8TB) and the MOST array-based solutions (we’ve documented 14 diverse configurations and counting).*

Large-scale SQL powerhouse

Our latest Fast Track solution, certified by Microsoft this week, is the highest-capacity from any vendor in the catalogue. This 200TB scalable blueprint is suitable for leading innovators in industries such as banking and healthcare – or anyone else with mission-critical, performance-intensive application needs.

Featuring our Dell EMC SC9000 array and Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 servers, the new configuration provides true enterprise-class capabilities.  SC9000 scales to 6PB per array, with multi-array federation, intelligent deduplication/compression, automated RAID tiering and auto-failover for built-in disaster recovery. The SCOS 7.3 array firmware update (see video overview) recently boosted SQL transactions-per-second by 44% (!), allowing the 200TB Fast Track system to hit 1 million IOPS, with max IOPS for the array itself now over 2.2 million.PowerEdge R940 also drives phenomenal SQL performance with quad Intel Xeon processors and up to 112 cores, 6TB of memory and 12 NVDIMMs.  Automated server management simplifies IT operations, built-in security features protect your assets – and together, these best-in-class Dell EMC products enable high availability architectures with Windows Server, Hyper-V and VMware.

Affordable SQL entry

But big companies aren’t the only ones who need state-of-the-art business intelligence.  Fortunately, an SC Series/PowerEdge combination also powers the smallest array-based solution in the Fast Track portfolio. Our 8TB SQL SCv3020 array / R740 server configuration delivers high-value services surprisingly similar to the 200TB solution described above, allowing businesses of all sizes to start small without sacrificing the advantages of enterprise-class technology.

And everything SQL in between

If neither of the above “starting point” configs suits your unique needs, there are literally a dozen other Dell EMC solutions in the Fast Track catalogue, including a 100TB configuration using the same affordable SCv3020 / R740 combination. Easy evolution between solutions is a hallmark of SC Series storage – but all the Dell EMC Fast Track configurations offer the assurance of single-vendor simplicity and integration from the market leader in both storage and servers. Once you start with Dell EMC, you know we can take you wherever your business needs to go.

Entry to enterprise. Trusted. Validated. It’s why thousands of customers worldwide choose Dell EMC as their one-stop SQL shop. Because in the end, neither Dell EMC nor Microsoft will be satisfied until we make your SQL Server deployment a key enabler of your company’s success.

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* As of Nov 7, 2018 publication

About the Author: Sean Kinney

Sean Kinney is considered an expert in data storage and data protection having spent 20 years in the IT industry. Currently, he is the Senior Director for primary storage marketing at DELL EMC.
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