Our 2017 Annual Report to Customers

One year ago today, we launched Dell Technologies – a new company with a single purpose; to create technologies that drive human progress. Now that we’re one year in, how are we doing?

Well, we could answer that question by strictly considering our technology innovation over the past year… and if we did, we’d see the award winning Latitude 7285 2-in-1 … or maybe the new VMware Cloud on AWS … or, in the data center, how about our 14G PowerEdge Server and VxRail Appliance – both now deemed to be number one in their respective segments… but that would be missing the point.

In my mind, the only people that can truly answer this question… are our customers. After all, they’re the ones using our technology to transform their businesses.

So now, looking through the eyes of our customers, how are we doing?

For the answer to that, look no further than our 2017 Annual Report to Customers. In it you’ll find 25 stories about what our customers are doing to transform their business… and change the world.

You’ll learn how TGen has partnered with Dell Technologies to apply precision medicine to fight the rarest forms of pediatric cancer.  You’ll also see how Chitale Dairy is keeping small-scale dairy farmers’ most precious livestock healthy and producing at a 10 times higher yield.

So, whatever your measure is – technology innovation or customer success – I’d say our first year has been a resounding success.   But don’t take my word for it – read the Annual Report to Customers and then decide for yourself.

About the Author: Jeremy Burton