Premier Partner Upgrade Options’ traditional business values and innovative IT drive success in this internet age with their customer Affiliate Window

Anyone writing up a list of ways the internet has changed our lives has his or her work cut out. It’s disrupted so many business models and created so many new opportunities that it’s hard to know where to begin. But then not everything has changed in this age of the internet. Some things are as familiar today as when no-one had ever heard of a browser and Tim Berners-Lee was still unknown.

I’m talking about drive, ambition and plain hard work, all of which you could apply to Affiliate Window, a leading affiliate network in the UK. Sure, it can thank the internet for spawning the whole affiliate industry, but its success has been down to getting the basics – like efficiency and customer service – right.

As with other businesses, Affiliate Window understood that continued improvement in these areas depended on IT to a large extent. And to put the business on a really strong footing, it turned to virtualization. The company worked with Dell Premier Partner Upgrade Options to create a more flexible IT environment, which was easier to develop and scale. Three things came into play here. First, there was the commitment of Affiliate Window to get things done. Second, the expertise of Upgrade Options to deliver a project on time and within budget. And third, there was a combination of servers, storage and network switches from Dell, which established a platform on which to deliver real business outcomes and improvements.

The results of this engagement speak for themselves. The company can respond to business opportunities and customer requests faster – and at lower cost – thanks to a truly flexible IT environment. This means servers launched in minutes, storage scaled instantly and more time for IT innovation. The project highlights what great partnership can achieve. Not only that, but it’s a great advert for the real impact IT is having on business.

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Affiliate Window wanted to create a more flexible IT environment, making it easier to scale the infrastructure as the business expanded. The company worked with Dell Premier Partner Upgrade Options, creating a virtualized infrastructure that allows the business to launch servers in minutes and deliver improved customer service.

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Dell Support Services

  • Dell ProSupport with Mission Critical
  • Dell Compellent Copilot Support


  • Dell Compellent Storage Center storage arrays
  • Dell PowerEdge M610 blade servers with Intel Xeon processors
  • Dell PowerEdge M1000e modular blade enclosures
  • Dell PowerConnect M8024 switches 


  • Dell Compellent Data Progression
  • Dell Compellent Dynamic Capacity
  • Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay

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