Small Business Tech Tips: Investing more, Earning More?

Economy is top-of-mind for all of us. Heading into the New Year, the initial reaction is to tighten budgets; however, what’s surprising is that spending more might actually help small businesses survive the storm.  The right investments in technology can actually be beneficial to a business; technologies that are affordable and effective, can help with business management.

Here are a few technologies that might be considered:

  • Customer relationship management software:  Helps manage the sales function, add efficiency, and improve on customer knowledge and trends, all of which are important in understanding where the loop holes are and right investments needed to be made in a business.
  • Accounting:  Most businesses nowadays understand the unavoidable issue of compliance; however, many don’t understand that automating finances using such tools as Intuit’s QuickBooks, can actually make the process simple and accountable.
  • Managing schedules:  Small businesses often have a few employees and figuring out how to schedule everyone’s time and making sure they account for the time they’re there will be essential  in the current economic climate.

All of the technologies are cost effective and valuable investments for small businesses, especially when needing to support the business through tough economic times. What do you plan to invest in for your small business in the coming months?

About the Author: Kara Krautter