The Story of the EqualLogic and VMware Relationship

VMworld is quickly approaching (T minus 15 days)! A couple weeks ago, I started thinking about the EqualLogic and VMware relationship. I wondered how far back the relationship goes, what the future holds and what cool things EqualLogic and VMware do and can do together. That same day, Travis Vigil, Executive Director for Product & Technical Marketing of Dell EqualLogic happened to be in the Austin offices. I tracked him down and I asked him to tell me more about EqualLogic and VMware. I realized that I should capture Travis’ passion and thoughts regarding the relationship, so I grabbed a camera and had him tell me the story.

Check out this short video where Travis discusses topics including his personal history with Dell EqualLogic, EqualLogic’s history with virtualization and VMware, what features EqualLogic currently offers that support virtualization, and lastly, what the future holds for EqualLogic and VMware.

To learn more about the Dell and VMware relationship, click here. You can also find out more about Dell’s VMworld 2012 participation here. Track all Dell VMworld 2012-related posts or follow @EqualLogic on Twitter.

About the Author: Alison Krause