Why IT Consultants Need the Dell Experts Program

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With small business owners wearing multiple hats to ensure everything runs smoothly, keeping up with advances in technology can seem like a never-ending task. Going digital and updating technology is no longer a nice to have – it’s a need to have. From servers to ensure websites load quickly, to providing devices so that staff can work from anywhere, the need for an informed and trusted IT consultant has never been so prevalent for small businesses.

But many IT consultants are also small business owners facing the same challenges as their clients. From staying up-to-date with new technologies, to managing clients’ expectations and staying within budget constraints, IT consultants have a lot on their plate.

Stay ahead of the competition

The technology that small businesses are consuming is rapidly changing. It’s now commonplace to use VR in workplace training or provide top-of-the-range workstations. IT consultants need to know everything about the latest tech so they can be true business advisors, providing the right solutions to all their clients’ unique needs. The Dell Experts Program, recently launched in Australia, overcomes this challenge by providing IT consultants access to exclusive training. This means having the skills they need to provide their clients with the best products and services to suit their business needs.

How to work collaboratively

IT consultants often work alone and don’t have a team to support them, as they would in a larger organisation. Imagine having a dedicated relationship manager, who will get to know the IT consultant’s business and provide specialised support. As part of the Dell Experts Program, Dell works together with IT consultants to achieve better outcomes for their clients. Sometimes just having a sounding board is invaluable to make the best recommendations.

Another challenge faced by IT consultants is managing unexpected downtime. If things go awry, the Dell team will be on the case, offering a comprehensive aftercare service and guaranteeing support. This means not having to deal with unforeseen technical issues alone as the Dell customer service team is available 24/7 to assist. This not only provides peace-of-mind but helps take some of the pressure off.

Reduce the financial burden

Small businesses are often resistant to investing in new technologies. There are multiple reasons for this, from a fear of the unknown, to not understanding how technology can help. Factor in the cost and many will try to take a shortcut when investing in technology. The Dell Experts Program is free to join and offers exclusive discounts for IT consultants to pass on to their clients, saving money in the long run.

The Dell Experts Program also offers Dell Financial Services (DFS), which has the most comprehensive global IT financing portfolio in the industry and end-of-lease options to help avoid system downtime and increase productivity. As part of the Dell Experts program, IT consultants will be fully equipped with the training they need, so they are able to confidently recommend the best products, and clients have the choice to renew, return and/or purchase equipment, depending on the contract. DFS also offers other financial services such as IT finance expertise, original lease agreements and end-to-end services. For more details, visit the website.

In addition to great training and continued support, financial rewards are on offer for IT consultants who join the Dell Experts Program. With every purchase of a Dell product or solution, members receive Dell Points that can be used for discounts on products and services, and extra training modules.

Dell understands the importance of supporting IT consultants and providing them with a strong network that helps grow their clients’ business and, ultimately, their own. By offering access to the latest product news and trends, exclusive training and tips for business growth, Dell is there for IT consultants. To join the Dell Experts program, register for free on the website – www.dell.com/dellexperts.

About the Author: Sarah Calder

Sarah Calder is the Small Business Manager at Dell in Australia and New Zealand. She is responsible for supporting Dell’s small business customers and is passionate about making sure they are enabled with the right technology to drive success. Having spent almost 15 years in the technology industry, Sarah understands the unique needs of small businesses and leads a team that finds positive technology solutions for their customers.
Topics in this article