• Skills

    Skill building for an inclusive future

    • To deliver digital inclusion, we must go beyond the device and high-speed broadband to ensure we’re creating a full solution with lasting benefits. “Digital literacy is an additional barrier to adoption by certain communities, both in developed and developing markets. In lower income economies, only 32% of the population has basic digital skills (i.e. defined as the ability to copy or move a file or send e mails)” (World Economic Forum 2020).

    • To support individuals in learning digital literacy skills needed to thrive in a global society, Dell Technologies has partnered with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to develop GetDigitalSkills.org where students, teachers, and parents can take a 30-minute customized journey to boost their skills, then continue to explore and develop with additional resources.

    • Empowering teachers, students and caregivers


      Discover the digital literacy skills you need to thrive in a global society. Take a 30 minute customized journey to boost your skills as a student, teacher or parent. Then continue to explore and develop with additional resources.

    • Advancing STEM Education

    • Primary: Middle School

      Girls Who Game

      Leading young women to discover technology in a supportive environment of peers and role models. And building a pipeline of future female engineers, starting as early as primary school.

    • Secondary: High School

      Student TechCrew

      This innovative global program promotes future career skills and learning via hands on experience, as secondary students help their peers and school staff members with technology issues.

    • Post-Secondary: College

      Develop with Dell

      A free online learning experience designed to develop learners to start a career in IT. The Program is available to all learners who attend postsecondary institutions that partner with Dell Technologies.

    • Other skill building resources

      We also see the opportunity to go further than just fundamental digital literacy, providing future in-demand technology skills and curriculum to open doors for the jobs and careers that will be needed in the coming years. We have created a bundle of skill building programs to accompany students on their education journey, from primary to secondary and through to continuing education.

    • Digital Literary Resources

      Digital Skills for a Global Society guides learners, educators and caregivers in getting the skills they need to be successful in a digital economy.

    • Blended Learning Resources

      Blended learning is a set of free tools and resources to support schools and district leaders in implementing digital skills into their curriculm.

    • TecKno

      TecKno is an educational website for studying computer science with fun games and coding adventures for free. It can support teachers in their computer science curriculum and introduce students to the various careers in tech.

    • Skills Friendly Cities

      Dell Technologies has also partnered with the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC - Education) on their Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative, “Skills Friendly Cities.” This initiative aims to achieve practical, rapid, and relevant solutions to the youth skills crisis for communities by bringing young people, the business community, and policymakers together at a city-level to deliver new ways of learning and working.

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