Why 2023 was the year of innovation

From Zero Trust to GenAI, here are the year's biggest trends and impacts in tech thought leadership.

Last year, Dell Technologies’ Vice President and COO Jeff Clarke predicted that “2023 will be full of unknowns and surprises. But as a tech optimist, I am confident that innovation will drive amazing progress.” Looking back on the advancements of the last year, he could not have been more correct. From GenAI to Zero Trust, 2023 was a time of impactful and accelerated innovation. According to Clarke, next year’s forecast is even brighter. He predicts five game-changing trends to watch for in the coming year, with a continued focus on practical innovation and how it will impact organizations of all sizes.

Although rapid expansion of data, compute power and storage capabilities have enabled the revolutionary technological advancements of the day, the formula for innovation success is much more. At the start of the year, Dell’s Innovation Index revealed the holistic framework for intentional innovation. Polling 6,600 IT and business decision-makers across 45-plus locations globally, the study assessed factors of innovation resilience and how organizations planned to deliver results when they needed to most. As it turns out, the formula that places people, process and technology is at the core of every endeavor.


From Thought Leadership Perspectives, June, 2023

In 2023, advancements in AI, cybersecurity and data management impacted multiple industries and enabled innovation around the world. From a non-profit that serves those experiencing homelessness to Academy Award-winning Hollywood studios, artificial intelligence was used to expedite operational efficiency and personalize working experiences for all. Healthcare organizations globally rely on fast and secure technological infrastructure to save lives and protect patient privacy. Use cases like these demonstrate the wide-ranging impact technology can have on human progress.

This year, Director James Cameron spoke in detail about his formula for innovation, citing working with skilled and imaginative people as an ingredient for success. Dell executives Jen Felch and Craig Bernero credited their innovations to prioritizing customer needs, while Dell’s CTO John Roese explained that innovation culture begins with a sense of “play” within teams.

Along with the need to drive human progress and prioritize a human-first work culture, diversity, equity and inclusion are considered by Dell’s thought leaders to be paramount to innovation. Erik Day, SVP of global small business for Dell, discussed about the importance of diverse teams for innovating during a recession, and “Innovators at Work” showed the world that including more minds in STEM training in the U.K.IndiaCentral and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East will expand the future of work and innovation opportunity to all.


From Thought Leadership Perspectives, July 2023

Moreso than in other years, 2023 was the year that uncovered the value of intentional strategy for innovation. Process across teams within organizations is required for digital transformation, security, and seamless implementation of new technology. However, according to Dell’s Innovation Index, 45% of decision-makers don’t regard their IT teams as important business partners, leading to misalignment.

As GenAI is being seen as the “accelerator of the decade,” tech experts warn that teams will increasingly need processes in place that ensure cohesion and clarity or risk facing issues with shadow IT.

This year, Dell thought leaders shared their best advice on how to create a secure innovation culture within the enterprise, utilizing developments in automation and AI to combat bad actors who may pose a threat. They also addressed sustainable infrastructure tailored to each organization to reduce energy consumption and a carbon footprint.

Large-scale developments in sustainability, cybersecurity and AI continue to drive human progress, but 2023 showed that an innovative process isn’t limited to big ideas. Dell team members demonstrated that with a pragmatic and practical process and a commitment to problem-solving, the sky is the limit, and even space flight is within reach.


From Thought Leadership Perspectives, August 2023

This year, Dell experts and thought leaders explained the risks and opportunities presented by emerging and disruptive technology, with GenAI taking a lead stance on the minds of influencers and analysts alike. Dell released its GenAI Pulse Survey in late 2023, polling 500 multi-regional IT leaders on the opportunities and risks of generative AI. It found that 76% of information technology decision-makers think that the impact of GenAI on their organization will be significant, if not transformative, in the next year.

Along with GenAI and the predicted positive impacts on business outcomes and organizational efficiency, emerging technology continues to drive human progress globally. Innovations in technology show promise in the future of sustainabilityagriculturehealthcare, and accessibility.

As a year of innovation ends, the next now is on the horizon. With promising developments in edge, multicloud, cybersecurity, AI, data management and sustainability, 2024 may show even greater potential for world-changing technological developments. With people, process and technology in place, global organizations stand to benefit, not to mention the impact they may create along the way.