A Sheriff’s Office Boosts IT Responsiveness on a Budget

Dell Technology Rotation shines at Baker County Sheriff’s Office, modernizing technology on a budget to better serve the public.

The Baker County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office has a noble mission. It strives to serve the public by consistently earning their trust in law enforcement, crime prevention, corrections, dispatch and emergency services. The office also has a self-described duty to maintain county peace with courage, fairness, honesty and integrity. To do that, Baker County required a modern, tailored and affordable IT infrastructure, underpinning core capabilities such as rapid responsiveness, security and effective communications.

Faced with aging infrastructure, the Baker County Sheriff’s Office grappled with insufficient processing power and outdated security features. These challenges were causing significant delays and introducing risk into daily operations. A technology refresh was crucial, but budget constraints provided yet another challenge. In fact, research shows that 94% of businesses share these strategic challenges – most notably a lack of budget and resources – that inhibit them from executing against their plans.¹ Dell Financial Services offers Technology Rotation to address these challenges.**

At the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Dell Technologies’ long-time partner vTECH io, a Florida-based cybersecurity, data center and cloud solution provider, worked together to provide a customized solution that answered multiple needs. This required industry-leading technology, a novel financing solution and a way to future-proof IT. With a range of modern hardware solutions, automatic refreshes and a payment strategy, Dell Technology Rotation is delivering exactly what Baker County needs to sustain public protection and trust, showcasing how the solution can help other organizations struggling with aging IT challenges and budgetary constraints. 

Safety Relies on Responsiveness

Member of the Baker County, Florida Sheriff's Department accessing information in the field using a Dell laptop. Across industries, modern technology is more than a nice-to-have. It is essential for competitive advantage, security and public safety. In Baker County, the safety of its nearly 30,000 citizens relies on the ability of the sheriff’s office to quickly respond to calls. Minutes can make a big difference in public safety situations, which is precisely why the new administration immediately recognized it had to update the 14-year-old laptops used by the Sheriff’s Office. These devices were causing significant delays and introducing risk due to slow processing, increased IT downtimes and antiquated security features.

Dell Technologies and vTECH io crafted the tailored hardware components and configurations needed to modernize the sheriff’s office technology. For example, the county staff utilize workstations at their desks, while officers and executives have laptops, and employees in the field work with rugged devices. As a result, all the employees at the Baker County Sheriff’s Office now have industry-leading devices, handpicked to enable them to stay connected and perform their specific jobs.

Using Technology Rotation for our IT upgrade, in partnership with Dell Technologies and vTECH io, is one the best decisions we’ve ever made.” – Randy Crews, Undersheriff, Baker County Sheriff’s Office

Being Financially and Environmentally Sound

For the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, the deployment of modern technology is vital. That is why this IT upgrade required the most current technology while staying within strict budgetary limits. To minimize upfront spending and maximize cash flow, Dell Technology Rotation allowed the sheriff’s office to leverage quarterly payments on its updated technology, making the much-needed full upgrade feasible.

In addition to the financial benefits, Dell Technology Rotation provides an environmentally responsible way to refresh hardware. Up to 95% of hardware is refurbished after data sanitization, gaining a second life by being resold. The remaining hardware is recycled in adherence with all applicable international, regional, national and local laws and conventions.² This feature helps organizations contribute to the circular economy.

Future-proofing Public Protection

Keeping technology current is an ever-present imperative, supporting proactive business strategies that catalyze better operations. For the future of Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Dell Technology Rotation helps secure modern technology continuity. The sheriff’s office opted for technology refreshes every 36 months, at which point Dell will rotate in updated technology. This helps ensure the latest technology fortifies the best possible public protection in Baker County.

Dell Technology Rotation helped us shift technology from a liability to an asset – and within budgetary requirements – helping us deliver better community protection.” – Randy Crews, Undersheriff, Baker County Sheriff’s Office

Dell Technology Rotation answers a range of business and technology requirements and can be customized for each customer’s needs. It enables budget-friendly options to spread payments over time and free up available capital while optimizing operations and easing IT transitions in an environmentally sound way. For the community of Baker County, these capabilities and benefits are life-changing.

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1 Survey conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Dell Technologies, July and August 2020.

2 Dell Financial Services Global Data, April 2022.

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