Future-Proof Cost Efficiency and Flexibility with Dell Compellent and Dell Networking S5000

These days the economic outlook and resulting future of an organization is about as hard to predict as the weather, as I watch the snow fall from my window in an early Minnesota May. As an IT expert, how do you invest in an infrastructure that can support sudden changes in business and technology direction? When I speak to customers, they say Dell Compellent’s versatility allows them to quickly adapt their technology to meet current and future business needs without incurring expensive upgrade costs.

Unlike traditional storage systems that require organizations to rip and replace hardware as business needs change, Dell Compellent enterprise storage uses standards-based hardware and supports new technologies on a single, modular storage platform. It dynamically moves enterprise data to the optimal storage tier and RAID level based on actual use and can reduce your total storage software costs up to 96% compared to traditional storage over a 10 year period*.

Administrators can mix the latest SSD, FC and SAS drives and enclosures in the same system, as well as utilize a range of front-end interconnects, including 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10Gb iSCSI and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). Users can scale up and out on demand, changing network hardware configurations as needed to take advantage of emerging technologies and accommodate constant change. Compellent offers interoperability with Dell Networking S5000, Brocade 16Gb FC Switches, Emulex, Qlogic , Intel and Broadcom Adapters.

Compellent’s interoperability with Dell Networking S5000 can provide further flexibility and scalability with its pay as you grow modularity and its future-proof system design. With the Dell Networking S5000, you save on the number of switches and rack space required with up to 1.3 to 2.6 times the port density per rack unit compared to industry alternatives. It offers support for iSCSI, RoCE, NAS, FCoE and native FC connectivity to FC SANs and interoperability with leading adapter, switch and storage vendors.

While I can offer no solution for the weather, or provide a crystal ball to predict the future, you can rest assured that together Dell Compellent and Dell Networking S5000 can help you meet your storage and networking needs while controlling costs as your organization adapts. Please visit us at Booth 1127 this week at Interop to learn about the full Dell Enterprise Solutions portfolio.


*based on 2013 Dell internal TCO tool analysis

About the Author: Angie Huh