Now Available: Dell’s New Precision Workstations

At Dell, we’re driven by the real needs of our customers and focus on designing the solutions that empower professionals across a variety of fields. For Dell Precision workstations, our team is tasked with building powerful computing devices that manage demanding work – from photographers like Sam Robinson, filmmakers and graphic designers to engineers and architects. Our customers need high performance solutions for their work, and they also have a strong desire for attractive, sleek and light mobile designs. The new line of Dell Precision workstations were purpose built to be the perfect match; powerful PCs they can carry from their desk, to the studio, on location and in the conference room – all at an impressive price.

With consideration for the wide range of customer needs, we’ve aimed to exceed expectations with the introduction of the new portfolio of Dell Precision workstations, our most beautiful, powerful, purpose-built line of workstations ever, which we introduced at Adobe Max at the beginning of October…

From the design of bridges and buildings to the animation behind the world’s biggest blockbuster movies and TV shows, performance and accuracy cannot be compromised for our customers. The new lineup has been completely redesigned inside and out with the latest technology for increased performance and graphic capabilities, faster connectivity, more customization, and reliability built specifically for professionals that require high performance to manage large and critical workflows.

As the desire for mobile workstations continues to grow, there is still interest and a need from our customers for fixed workstations. Our Dell Precision Tower and Rack workstations offer workstation-class performance and reliability, for those who don’t need the portability of a mobile workstation.

In addition to our entirely new mobile portfolio, we’re excited to offer the new Dell Precision Tower 3000 Series 3420 and 3620 units for those that need a powerful workstation, but have limited budget and/or physical space. The new tower workstations offer 33 percent faster CPUs, 33 percent faster memory, 34 percent faster GFX, and three times faster SSDs than the previous SKUs.

A few key features in power and design for the new Dell Precision Tower workstations, include:

  • Smallest SFF chassis in the world. The Tower 3420 is 7% smaller than its predecessor, the Dell Precision T1700. The Tower 3620 leverages existing T1700 MT chassis.
  • New Processors. Intel 6th generation processors (Core i3, i5, i7, Xeon E3-1200 v5), plus professional graphics from NVIDIA and AMD, as well as Intel Integrated Graphics.
  • Memory and Storage. Up to 9TB on Tower 3620 and 5TB on Tower 3420, with up to 64 GB 2133 MHz NECC/ECC DDR4 memory.

Our new Dell Precision portfolio also comes with a number of customization options and enhancements, including Thunderbolt connection capabilities, and access to ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets.

We’ve worked closely with our software partners on ISV certifications for the broadest portfolio of professional applications on our new Dell Precision workstations. Through certifications, customers can know we’ve tested and collaborated with the leading ISVs for optimal performance, reliability and stability of software applications relevant to various audiences, including media and entertainment, manufacturing and engineering, healthcare, finance and more.

Another great enhancement to this portfolio is the newest version of the Dell Precision Optimizer, which offers automated performance tuning, utilization monitoring and analytics reporting, and simplified, central managements through the System Center Configuration Manager that can make it functional across various machines.

The new tower solutions join the Dell Precision fixed portfolio which includes the Dell Precision Tower 5810, Dell Precision Tower 7810 and 7910, and the Dell Precision Rack 7910.

Availability for the new Dell Precision workstations have begun this week on The new mobile solutions will start at $999 and the Tower 3000 Series: 3620 starts at $729, while the Tower 3000 Series: 3420 starts at $679. Visit for updated information and pricing on the full portfolio of Dell Precision workstations.

About the Author: Rahul Tikoo

Rahul Tikoo is the Senior Vice President for Client Product Group. He is responsible for portfolio strategy, product management and overall business performance for all of Dell’s Commercial and Consumer PCs. In this role, he leads a team that is passionate about building the best products in the world and running the operational processes that ensure that Dell can continue to innovate, develop, and manage a product portfolio that delights customers. Rahul joined Dell in January 2013 to lead Precision Engineering and Architecture teams, bringing several industry leading & award-winning workstation products to market. After that he became Vice President and General Manager for Precision Workstations in the Product Group, delivering high performance computing solutions to creative professionals across a variety of industries. Rahul then led the Mobility team which included business strategy, product planning and marketing of Latitude and Education mobility notebooks. Before joining Dell, Rahul held a variety of leadership roles at Advanced Micro Devices Inc., a leading semiconductor company, leading Server Platform Development, Global Customer Support & Corporate Quality among many others. Rahul holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and is currently based out of Austin, Texas.