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Introducing term-based subscriptions for intelligent support for businesses of all sizes.
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As we find ourselves in mid-2022, companies are looking for ways to increase cash flow flexibility in the face of rising interest rates. IT services, and support specifically, may be one of the areas that get examined more closely. But when it comes to PC support, you can’t afford to cut back.

If anything, you are feeling like you need more support now that many of your end-users have moved to remote or hybrid work. Making sure they have high quality PC support (wherever they are) is essential because when their PC issues aren’t addressed quickly, your end-users are affected. If they can’t be productive, your business will be impacted. And in this environment, that is a risk you do not want to take.

Customer Situations

Here are some recent comments we have heard from customers about their individual challenges, some of which may sound familiar.

    • We are already a Dell customer but want to tap into all the rich, telemetry-based features that you rolled out in the Fall of 2021, so that we can modernize our support experience for our IT staff and remote employees.
    • With support services, I am receiving value over time – I would prefer to spread my payments over time. Our company is just starting out, and this allows me to balance my cash flow as well.
    • It’s difficult to pay for both hardware and services upfront. We want to use our CapEx budget for the devices and our OpEx budget for support services.

Additionally, we hear from customers who are concerned about longer lead times due to supply chain issues across various industries. With inflationary pressures top of mind for many businesses, they want to ensure their IT services costs are predictable over the lifecycle of the device. And they are looking for a reputable entity that can provide them with world-class PC support and flexible payment options.

How Can You Get Better PC Support and Manage Costs at the Same Time?

Graphic illustrating benefits of Dell ProSupportPlus and Dell ProSupportFlex. We hear you, and we have come up with a solution to address both concerns.

We now offer a term-based subscription model for ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex, our most comprehensive support offerings. These offers give you access to our top of the line, modern support capabilities – whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. You commit to a subscription term, and we ensure that you have predictable support costs over the lifecycle of your device – and pay for them over time.

Go Beyond with Intelligent Support

With ProSupport Suite for PCs, we go well beyond traditional support like 24×7 access to in-region support experts, next business day hardware repair and accidental damage protection. Using sophisticated telemetry data and algorithms, we can take the support experience to a new level for both IT AND end-users by adding intelligence to support.

Intelligent support pinpoints potential issues before they arise, providing customized remediation, fleet-wide visibility of health, application experience and security scores on a single screen. These new, modernized workflows give you the IT insight you need to help users be effective wherever they are.

First and Only Support Subscription Model Like It

Dell is the first and only major PC brand to offer standalone commercial support services via a subscription model.¹ Here’s how the term-based subscription model² works:

    • Pay for the hardware upfront and pay for the services over the committed term
    • Choose a monthly or annual billing option
    • View what you have entitled via a customer portal
    • Auto-renew (if desired) at the end of the term so you don’t lose support for your client systems

Solve a Range of Challenges

Embrace your options. We are here for you in whatever way it works best for your business. Now you can:

    • Get all the new capabilities that allow you to predict and resolve issues before employees experience downtime and lose productivity.
    • Ensure predictable support costs for the term of your contract.
    • Better manage your cash flow by aligning your support services’ expenses over the same period that you’re generating revenue.
    • Pay for hardware and services from different buckets. Optimize your Capex budget to purchase the best system configuration and pay for services from a separate budget.
    • Get reputable support from a name you can trust and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your PCs are covered by Dell Technologies services.

As every business leader knows, the key to success is to focus on what you can control. Macroeconomic factors and the resulting uncertainty are not in that realm. Choosing Dell as the partner to ensure that your employees have access to the best devices and the most comprehensive support certainly is.

Support subscriptions are offered in US and Canada for direct customers. Your Dell sales representative can tell you more.

1 Based on Internal Analysis, May 2022, comparing Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, and Acer commercial PC support options. ProSupport Plus & ProSupport Flex are available on select commercial devices. Feature availability and functionality varies by model.

2 Service deactivation fee applies for early termination of subscription contracts. Refer to commercial subscription and auto renewal terms.

Ashok Vyas

About the Author: Ashok Vyas

Ashok is the global lead for CSG (Client Solutions Group) support services subscriptions. He is responsible for developing subscriptions on ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex, and product management for ProSupport Flex for PCs as well as consumer subscriptions globally. Ashok has been with Dell Services for 16+ years and has held various leadership roles in services, product management, operations and delivery. Ashok holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas and an MS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.
Topics in this article