What a Difference a Year Makes

Today millions of people will mark World Environment Day by embracing simple steps to improve the planet. It's also a special day for everyone at Dell.  A year ago today, our chairman and CEO Michael Dell  announced that we would take steps to become the 'greenest' technology company on the planet. Thanks to the hard work of our employees and terrific ideas and feedback from customers, suppliers and partners, there's a great deal to reflect on. Through our environmental initiatives, we're driving unprecedented cost savings for our customers and creating new efficiencies for our business.

A few minutes ago, we announced the recovery of more than 102 million pounds of computer equipment worldwide – our largest single-year product recycling volume so far and a 20 percent increase over 2006. Responsible recycling is a key part of our environmental commitment and we remain the only company in our industry to offer a free program for consumers (Dane Parker and Joe Strathmann discuss this and our overall progress in a short vlog below).

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We also reinforced our commitment to designing the most energy-efficient technology in the industry by introducing the industry's first Silver 80 PLUS-certified power supplies. The 80 PLUS specification aligns to the power-supply requirements in the EPA's Energy Star 4.0 standard for computers and requires the use of 80 percent or more efficient power supplies. 80 PLUS Silver supplies are up to 8 percent more efficient than what's required to meet Energy Star 4.0 and meet the July 2009 qualifications of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative more than a year ahead of schedule.

Finally, we joined with The Climate Group to launch "Together," a campaign that will bring together companies, cities and non-profit organizations to help Americans reduce their impact on the planet. Consumers can already make a difference through our "Plant a Tree for Me" program and join with thousands of others in helping to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our environmental efforts have come a long way in just a year.  We also have a lot more in the works, and are always looking for guidance from our customers on ways we can continue to achieve new heights for the planet. With your help, the remainder of 2008 promises to be even "greener."  Stay tuned!

About the Author: Todd D