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    GenAI improves productivity and patient outcomes

    • CustomerNorthwestern Medicine


      LocationUnited States

    • Vision

      Northwestern Medicine wanted to advance the healthcare ecosystem to improve patient outcomes and accelerate healthcare delivery. To realize the promise of GenAI, it sought to follow a unified approach that would allow caregivers to act more quickly to save lives and be more effective in helping patients.

    • Solution

      The organization collaborated with the Dell Technologies AI Innovation Lab and NVIDIA to create a GenAI solution to run multimodal large language models, designed as a cluster of four Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers, each equipped with eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs and deployed on premises.

    • Impact

      Northwestern Medicine leads healthcare innovation by using GenAI to revolutionize both diagnostics and administration, enabling improved patient experiences and allowing doctors and nurses more time to focus on patients. GenAI helps save lives as it draws attention to critical findings that need immediate attention.

    • Dr. Mozziyar Etemadi, Clinical Director of Advanced Technologies, Northwestern Medicine

      “GenAI and AI offer a tremendous opportunity to help us take better care of our patients and give time back to care providers.”

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      Partner collaboration to revolutionize healthcare

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      A new era of proactive healthcare driven by GenAI

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      GenAI helps save patients’ lives and gives caregivers more time to make a difference

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