• Supply Chain

    We're championing social and environmental responsibility across our entire supply chain

    • With the power of our global supply chain, we have the scale and ability to drive responsible manufacturing. We insist upon ethical practices, respect and dignity for everyone creating our products and the adoption of responsible practices to minimize environmental impact. We partner with many of our suppliers to help them develop the necessary insights and capabilities, reinforced by a comprehensive assurance program — including audits — that accelerates and maintains improvements.

    • Bettering the lives of people in our supply chain

      It takes hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to make our products. We are committed to partnering with our suppliers to help protect human rights for all in our supply chain.

    • Reducing our supply chains' impact on the planet

      Dell is committed to protecting our planet and collaborating with stakeholders across our value chain to address the effects of climate change. We drive sustainability efforts through every aspect of our business and hold our suppliers to the same level of accountability.

    • Driving supplier diversity

      Dell Technologies seeks opportunities to drive diversity within our supply chain as part of our commitment to responsible business practices. We have well-established initiatives to identify and support qualified businesses owned by individuals of diverse backgrounds to deliver products that meet the needs of our global customer base.

    • Acting responsibly and driving accountability

      We expect integrity, responsible business practices and high ethical standards from our supply chain partners. Transparency and accountability are hallmarks of our approach.

    • Learn more about our progress and principles

    • FY23 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how our commitments drive climate action, accelerate the circular economy, support digitally inclusive communities and champion our inclusive workforce.

    • Dell Supplier Principles

      We expect our suppliers to adopt responsible social and environmental business practices as defined in our Supplier Principles and adhering to those principles are a condition of doing business with Dell.