• Dell Technologies Services for Microsoft Azure Hybrid and Multicloud

    • Innovate and thrive in today’s digital economy

      Customer expectations are rising. Driving business growth to maintain a competitive edge is a priority. You need an agile IT environment that adapts quickly to its changing needs, fosters innovation, and supports growth.

      To create this environment that fosters innovation, organizations are embracing digital and IT transformation initiatives provided by Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure.

      If you’re looking to deliver an innovative Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud experience on-premises, or want to utilize Microsoft Azure Arc to extend Azure data services and management to Dell Technologies’ on-premises cloud deployments, our consulting services will help you get there. 

    • Key Benefits

      • Understand your current state, business goals and how to get there
      • Implement Azure Stack where and how you want
      • Build a high-performing DevOps team who can develop modern applications

    • Cloud Strategy

      Determine the right path for your business

      • Define your multicloud strategy and roadmap
      • Define your application & data strategy for multicloud
      • Design personalized cloud experiences
      • Align organization needs with team skills
    • Cloud Implementation

      Validate operational readiness and requirements

      • Efficiently identify applications that are candidates for migration to the cloud
      • Reduce business interruptions and achieve a non-stop resilient business
      • Optimize how IT operates in a cloud model
      • Accelerate deployment of the cloud
      • Create and deliver foundational infrastructure, developer and resiliency services
      • Integrate software development methodologies to improve infrastructure deployments
      • Provide a production grade Kubernetes platform
    • Cloud adoption

      Act on operational plans to achieve business goals

      • Efficiently move data from where it is, to where it will drive innovation
      • Accelerate application upgrades and modernization for cloud
      • Reduce toil, cost and increase the speed and security of your application and data pipelines
      • Execute a training plan that aligns team skills with projected business outcomes
      • Get a head start with an expert to help with critical projects to meet business objectives and deadlines
    • Cloud Scale

      Scale and fine tune your cloud

      • Optimize your data management strategy and provide data driven insights on demand
      • Deliver a visually appealing, consumer-driven digital experience
      • Measure and prove key success criteria for business stakeholders
      • Keep systems optimized and configured for continuous peak performance
      • Enjoy a proven managed services approach, keeping your teams focused on innovation
      • Increase productivity and reduce downtime with system level support, proactive and predictive support

      Dell Technologies Services for Microsoft Azure

    • Proconsult Advisory for MultiCloud

      Jump start your transformation to multicloud.

    • Services for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

      Enhance the Azure Hybrid + Multicloud experience.

    • Implementation Services for Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

      Create secure, future-ready cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.

    • Container and DevSecOps Implementation Services for Microsoft Azure

      Enhance your resiliency posture with Microsoft Azure.

    • Application Modernization Services on Microsoft Azure

      Modernize Applications and Improve the Overall Developer Experience.

    • Implementation Services for Microsoft Azure VMware Solution

      Run native VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure.

    • Implementation Services for Cyber Recovery on Microsoft Azure

      Run native VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure.

    • Cloud Operating Model Services

      Deliver traditional IT and cloud-native services faster,

    • Cloud Native Apps and DevOps Services

      Modernized Applications and Enhanced DevOps.

    • Infrastructure-as-Code Services

      Fast track to agile development methodology.

    • Application Portfolio Optimization Services

      Identifying the right platform for your applications.

    • Managed Services

      Reduce risk and control costs.