• Ready Image

    Ready Image



    • A simplified internal image build makes things, well, simple. Today’s customer wants an updated, clean Windows image with select language support and additional, common add-ons like security and manageability. Dell’s Ready Image is a clean, simple image suited for today’s modern provisioning technologies.

    • Key Benefits

      • Clean build from the ground up
      • Choose your preferred Windows version and language
      • Self-Healing Image Recovery – cloud-based OS recovery
      • Ready Image

        Offering image flexibility

        Many customers want options when it comes to loading an image. Ready Image offers a clean image or a stable OS for error-free provisioning.

        • Clean image build
        • Windows version flexibility
        • Enables modern deployment

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    • Dell Connected Provisioning

      Provision in the factory, manage from the cloud. Dell Connected Provisioning delivers pre-configured, ready to work devices faster and easier.

    • ProDeploy Client Suite

      Deploy PCs with greater speed and less effort

      • End-to-end PC deployment
      • 24x7 onsite installation
      • System management, software imaging and configuration
    • Image Assist

      Effortlessly create, deploy and update cross-platform images faster than ever

    • Self-Healing Image Recovery

      The shift in the way that we work has brought into sharp focus the need for better remote support solutions. These videos demo and explain the benefits of Self-Healing Image Recovery.

    • TechDirect

      The tools needed to efficiently link with Ready Image. The portal is available 24x7, so IT can conveniently manage and request support.