• Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Google native file service, powered by Dell PowerScale platform and managed by Dell Technologies

      Google Cloud provides a broad range of compute and analytics services for on-demand, cost-effective processing and analysis of high-throughput, file-based workloads. Dell Technologies brings the Dell PowerScale scale-out file solutions, deployed in thousands of on-premises locations over the past decade to the cloud, and Google Cloud brings innovative, advanced services in the cloud. Together, PowerScale for Google Cloud enables enterprises to run the most demanding, file-based workloads, which require extreme performance and throughput. From big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to genome sequencing, electronic design automation and media and entertainment workloads in the cloud, take advantage of flexible cloud consumption models and cloud economics.

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      Experience performance that is orders of magnitude greater

    • PowerScale OneFS delivers scale-out capacity of up to 33 PiB effective in a single namespace and scale-out performance up to 18.6 GB/s per 100 TiB with sub-millisecond latency.

    • ESG Technical Review: Performance testing

      Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud enables large capacity file applications such as analytics, media and entertainment, life sciences and high-performance computing (HPC). You can benefit from Google Cloud flexibility and cost efficiency to deliver high performance.

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      PowerScale for Google Cloud resources

    • PowerScale for Google Cloud Solution Brief

      Find out how Dell Technologies partnered with Google to bring a fully integrated native cloud file service for Google Cloud users, powered by Dell PowerScale.

    • PowerScale for Google Cloud Demo

      Try the step-by-step interactive demo to access marketplace, create a new order, create a PowerScale cluster, create a file share and more

    • Collaborative Video Editing with PowerScale for Google Cloud

      Run your video editing workloads on OneFS in Google Cloud with the same experience, efficiency and performance as on-premises.

    • Deep Learning with PowerScale for Google Cloud

      Deliver the capacity, performance and high concurrency to eliminate storage bottlenecks for AI with PowerScale for Google Cloud.

    • Hadoop Analytics with PowerScale for Google Cloud

      PowerScale for Google Cloud provides the ability to separate and tier HDFS storage from the Hadoop compute infrastructure. For Hadoop analytics, PowerScale for Google Cloud minimizes bottle necks, rapidly serves Big Data, and optimizes performance.

    • PowerScale Solutions for the Cloud eBook

      Review this eBook to learn about more about how to expand the performance and scale of PowerScale to the cloud.