• Dell Validated Platforms for Multicloud

    Dell Technologies Validated Platforms for Multicloud

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    • Dell Technologies Validated Platforms for Multicloud running container orchestration solutions deliver intelligent, automated, on-premises infrastructure that accelerates your ability to rapidly provision compute and storage resources and provide infrastructure-as-code to empower developers to be the innovation engine for your businesses.

    • Our partnerships with hyper-scaler and container orchestration platform vendors enable customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises with seamless connectivity to public clouds.

      • Control your data privacy, resource costs and adhere to corporate governance mandates
      • Seamlessly adopt multicloud container orchestration platforms and eliminate DevOps silos.
      • Empower developers to become an innovation engine for your business.

    • Kubernetes containers on vxrail and vmware


      Run Both Traditional VMs and Cloud-Native Kubernetes Container Applications with VxRail.

      Learn about how VxRail and VMware can host containers using a variety of solutions with increasing levels of automation and operations visibility.

    • Tanzu on VxRail - Kubernetes at Cloud Speed

    • VMware Tanzu on VxRail portfolio enables you to rapidly deliver developer-ready infrastructure and accelerate Tanzu adoption with automated deployment, provisioning and scaling of integrated VxRail infrastructure.



    • Choose the best infrastructure to fit your operating model and level of Kubernetes expertise

    • VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu on VxRail


      • Automated deployment of turnkey hybrid cloud
      • Integrated, full stack Lifecycle Management
      • SDN & security built-in and Kubernetes ready (NSX-T)
      • Remote cluster support extends VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail to the edge


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    • vSphere with Tanzu on VxRail

      • Rapid, standard VxRail deployments
      • Networking architecture flexibility
      • Supports traditional and cloud native apps on same infrastructure
      • Maintain existing operational model
      • Support for vSphere HCI Mesh to share storage resources across clusters


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    • Tanzu Architecture for VxRail


      • Developer-ready with automated resource allocation
      • Purpose-built tested and validated PaaS/CaaS platform
      • High-availability reference architecture configurations with intrinsic security
      • Choice of abstraction layer with Tanzu Application Service or Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated to accelerate software innovation



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    • Pks on vxrail saves money with modernization of power grid


      Utility Firm Saves $3.25 Million in Operating Expenses

      To boost capital returns and modernize its power grid, top US utility firm saves big OpEx via a cloud-native solution from Dell Technologies.