• Dell OpenManage Embedded Technologies

    Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

    • In the heart of every PowerEdge server is a robust, powerful management foundation to help you maximize visibility and health of your data center.

      Dell embedded management solutions enable intelligent, automated control of servers, storage and networking modules and modular infrastructure environments. With onboard management, you have full control and access to every aspect of your servers.

    • As your data center infrastructure grows to support business needs, you can deploy Dell embedded systems management tools to help you:

      • Deploy, update, monitor and maintain rack and chassis servers
      • Remotely manage and configure
      • Automate provisioning, deployment, servicing and updating

    • Flexible, agile server management

      Dell intelligent embedded management puts you in control of your IT

      Dell embedded system management solutions enable you to deploy, monitor, update and maintain these systems through simplified GUI interfaces and consoles, with access to every server, storage and networking component. Safely and securely update and protect your infrastructure. React faster to alerts. Spend less time on data center maintenance and more time growing the organization.

    • Essential Resources

      Dell OpenManage technology resources for your system management needs

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      Embedded into every PowerEdge server and server sled, the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) provides comprehensive management capabilities. This latest release delivers enhanced storage and security features.

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      The announcement of OpenManage Secure Enterprise Key Manager adds enterprise data security capabilities to OpenManage FlexSelect.

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