Connected Workforce

Innovative healthcare solutions that transform your workforce

Delivering best patient care independent of where you need to be. Connected workforce transformation enables clinical and business staff to work anywhere, at any time.

Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help

  • Connect care providers to the right technology, processes, and information.
  • Enable IT control and innovation with simplified management and security.
  • Empower your workplace with actionable data from edge and telehealth solutions.

Connected workforce healthcare - life sciences solutions

Transform the way healthcare organizations work to better serve patients.

Healthcare digital workspace

Enable a more productive workforce with the right technology so they can work efficiently and securely from wherever they or their patients might be.

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Remote imaging & diagnosis

With intelligent edge devices, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Safety and Security solutions care providers can leverage data to improve efficacy of care wherever it’s delivered.

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Healthcare Precision Workstations
Explore connected technologies at the edge

End-user trusted devices, access & data

The right secure and innovative device for each healthcare provider, researcher and administrative staff member and their unique needs.

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Specialized Solutions
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Dell Technologies helps organizations build a connected health ecosystem

With Dell Technologies, take a unified approach to connected health to improve outcomes—ingesting data from connected devices and sensors in real time, analyzing data to provide meaningful insights, retaining data for deeper analysis, and further sharing data with collaborators, patients, payers, and partner healthcare organizations.

Connected Workforce Healthcare – Life Sciences


Customer Stories

VR Versus Vicodin: How Tech Is Helping Doctors Treat Pain

Watch how Dr. Ralph Anderson, OB-GYN at Crystal Run Healthcare is using VR technology to ease patients’ pain of labor contractions.

Improving surgery by practicing in VR first

See surgeons using an ImmersiveTouch solution to virtually rehearse a challenging brain surgery in real time using a Dell workstation.

VR Versus Vicodin: How Tech Is Helping Doctors Treat Pain

Watch how Dr. Ralph Anderson, OB-GYN at Crystal Run Healthcare is using VR technology to ease patients’ pain of labor contractions.

Learning Library

Edge and IoT solutions. A new vision for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Find out how Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences can help transform your organization.

Evolving from Chronic Disease Management to Preventative Care

Learn about Healthcare IoT Data at the Edge and envision moving from disease management to disease prevention.


Dell Technologies Virtual Summit - VMware: Anywhere Workspace

How building out comprehensive virtual health environments has accelerated in today’s Healthcare environment as organizations work to balance clinical and business agility requirements.

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