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Complete digital protection included on your new Dell PC

Staying secure online goes far beyond just antivirus – it’s comprehensive digital protection that brings you peace of mind. With leading antivirus capabilities, privacy, identity and on-the-go personal VPN, McAfee LiveSafe helps you live your digital life to its fullest and focus on what matters.

McAfee LiveSafe

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Intelligent Protection that Matters

Smart privacy and identity protection that’s built in.

Personalized Unified Experiences

Empower your family to enjoy life online freely and confidently.

Protecting People, Not Just Devices

Secure your activities and devices, wherever you are.

Security Score

Know your score.

Know your score.

With Protection Score - New personalized feedback shows you how safe you are online and how to fix any weak spots to improve your security.

  1. See how safe you are online
  2. Protect any weak spots
  3. Protection made easy
  4. Get the most out of your subscription

Privacy features

Secure VPN

Bank-grade encryption keeps your personal data and online activities private.

Protect Accounts

Add an extra layer of security to keep hackers out.

Prevent Fraud

Create safe cards/accounts and keep your real info private when shopping online.

Even more protection.

With a McAfee LiveSafe subscription, you’ll also have access to:
McAfee HMC 2022

Multi-device compatibility

One subscription can protect all your compatible Windows, Mac iOS and Android devices.

McAfee HMC 2022


Browse confidently with clear warnings of suspicious websites and downloads.

McAfee HMC 2022

Parental Controls

Block inappropriate websites and search results and set limits for how much time kids spend online.

McAfee HMC 2022

PC optimization

Automated tools help improve performance for resource-hungry apps and free up bandwidth while you’re browsing. (not available on all PCS).

McAfee HMC 2022

Privacy Protection

Your privacy and data are protected when you use secure VPN to shield public Wi-Fi threats.

McAfee HMC 2022

Password Manager

Store, auto-fill and even generate strong passwords across your devices.

McAfee HMC 2022


McAfee LiveSafe is as easy to use as it is to set up. Just follow a few simple instructions to get started.

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24/7 Security Experts

Get free, friendly assistance from an expert on our dedicated security team via phone, chat or online.

Compare your option

When it comes to the competition, we let our feature-rich security do the talking.
BENEFIT McAfee Norton Kaspersky Windows Defender
Devices licenses Up to unlimited devices Up to unlimited devices 1, 3, 5 or 10 devices Windows only
Platform support Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Window, Mac, Android, iOS Window, Mac, Android, iOS Windows only
Protection Score
Dark web monitoring
Email only, powered by
Breach notifications
Lost wallet support (US only)
Dedicated experts to help restore identity (US only)
Secure VPN 5 devices Up to unlimited devices 500MB/Day/Device no server choice
Password manager 5 user profiles 1 user profile 1 user profile
Limited, only for Microsoft browsers
File shredder
Payment Protection
Safe surfing
Limited, only for Microsoft browsers
Account Protection
Virus protection pledge
24/7 phone & chat support
McAfee HMC 2022

Experience freely…risk free.

Register your trial for all-in-one online protection-free for 30 days.
Shop, stream, and connect safely while protecting your identity and privacy.
The McAfee LiveSafe trial is pre-installed on your Dell PC.


Dell offers multi-year subscriptions that are not available in retail stores.

Free online security is available; however, must provide basic protection and are not multi-level integrated security suites with comprehensive coverage like McAfee LiveSafe.

Over the years, McAfee has significantly reduced the resources it requires. This combined with the enormous processing power of computers has improved the user experience.

Yes, McAfee LiveSafe is compatible with Microsoft® Windows 11. Not only will the software protect your new device, but it also offers superior protection for ALL the devices you own—computers, smartphones, and tablets with one subscription.

While setting up a new Dell PC, complete your registration process by entering a valid email address. You’ll receive an email an email to download additional security. Access the email from an unprotected device and follow the screen prompts.

You can protect an unlimited number of personal devices for the duration of your subscription with McAfee LiveSafe. McAfee LiveSafe is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.