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Bringing Infrastructure-as-a-Service to the data center

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions have enabled enterprises to innovate rapidly by scaling easily, reducing costs and increasing performance of business-critical infrastructure. But despite the benefits, provisioning Infrastructure-as-a-Service can’t address the requirements of every workload. To ensure security, data sovereignty and low latency, many enterprises are still investing in on-premises infrastructure and private clouds. The result is multicloud and hybrid cloud environments that make cloud computing significantly more costly and harder to manage.

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Dell APEX provides a solution – a portfolio of infrastructure-as-a-service solutions that simplify operations across a multi-cloud landscape. APEX makes it possible to deploy best-of-breed Dell software innovations in public clouds and extends the agility and cost-savings of modern cloud software to on-premises environments.

The advantages of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions provide enormous benefits for enterprises. Rather than making capital investments in hardware, storage, servers and the staff to maintain them, enterprises can quickly and easily provision IaaS resources whenever needed, paying only for the infrastructure services they consume. IaaS solutions enable organizations to:
Despite these benefits, many organizations are uncomfortable moving certain workloads to the cloud. On-premises infrastructure provides more security and control, especially over data sovereignty, and it may provide higher performance for workloads where low latency is critical. For organizations that want the benefits of cloud services with the control of on-premises infrastructure, Dell APEX can help.

Dell APEX Infrastructure-as-a-Service

To enable enterprises to better harness the benefits of the public cloud in on-premises environments, Dell APEX offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that extend cloud and container orchestration ecosystems to on-premises environments with modern cloud software on trusted Dell infrastructure.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings from Dell

Dell APEX IaaS solutions include compute, storage, data protection and client device as-a-Service offerings.

Benefits of Data Center Infrastructure-as-a-Service

What is cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

Cloud infrastructure is the technology required to build a cloud and to offer cloud computing services. Cloud infrastructure includes hardware for compute, storage and networking as well as virtualization or abstraction technology that can manage a collection of diverse physical hardware as a single pool of resources and make them available to customers as a service.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) enables companies to provision virtualized computing resources – including servers, storage and networking technology – through the Internet or a dedicated connection. IaaS solutions allow businesses to avoid the cost and complexity of provisioning and managing their own infrastructure. Instead, infrastructure is maintained and supported by third-party providers, enabling IT teams to remain focused on other priorities that can move the business forward.

IaaS is one of several types of cloud computing models – including Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – that use the cloud as a service.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an IT model that provides developers with a cloud-based environment for developing, testing, running and managing applications. PaaS offerings provide best-of-breed tools without requiring capital expense for hardware and software.

The principal difference in IaaS vs PaaS is the scope of services. IaaS solutions provide access to a broad range of virtualized infrastructure, while PaaS offerings specifically provide access to platforms for developing applications. Another way of describing IaaS vs PaaS is that IaaS solutions are designed to give organizations more control over cloud systems, while PaaS is designed to give developers more flexibility and ease of use as they write software.

Dell Apex Console

APEX Console

The Dell APEX Console is your centralized platform for managing and orchestrating your multicloud journey. Discover Dell APEX cloud and infrastructure solutions and deploy in the location of your choice, while easily monitoring costs and capacity forecasts using proactive monitoring tools.

Cloud Services

APEX Cloud Services

Built for your multicloud future, Dell APEX Cloud Platforms are turnkey, full stack, on-premises infrastructure that empower organizations to unleash innovation across dispersed IT landscape.

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