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Drive Remote Workforce Productivity with a Trusted IT and Security Partner

It’s a big challenge to support a remote workforce – especially when it is growing rapidly. To enable seamless productivity, mobile workers need secure access to data and applications. Powerful communication and seamless collaboration tools are a top priority. Workers also require a familiar environment with all their apps and flexible devices that fit their way of working. And anything less than lightning-fast connectivity will cause productivity to grind to a halt.

Dell Technologies has the technology, support and experience to power your mobile workforce. From best-of-breed devices to hands-on services, we offer a comprehensive suite of remote work solutions that drive workplace innovation and accelerate your transition to the Future of Work.

From all-in-one workstations to business laptops and innovative monitors, we offer devices that empower workers to get the job done anytime, anywhere.

PCaaS is a subscription-based service that provides a simplified and streamlined approach to managing the entire PC lifecycle. Choose from a full client portfolio of devices—no limit or restriction—peripherals, software and solutions fully customizable to meet the needs of end-users. Fully flexible to adapt to changing business needs by adding or removing devices from the subscription and with monthly pricing and 1-5 year terms, have greater control over IT budget and better manage costs.

SD-WAN powered by VMware eliminates bottlenecks caused by increased remote employee traffic. Our SD-WAN technology minimizes the strain on corporate and home networks while delivering reliable, high-performance access to cloud services, data centers and SaaS-based applications.

In a work-from-anywhere world, take personalized PC performance to the next level with Dell Optimizer - built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work.

Dell Technologies virtual desktop solutions deliver high-performance applications and graphics in a reliable environment while streamlining IT resources and management.

Dell Technologies Cloud lets IT quickly deploy automated infrastructure on-premises while managing hybrid cloud environments with greater flexibility.

Our industry-leading Unified Workspace simplifies deployment, management, security and support for devices and digital workspaces from the cloud. Unified Workspace gives employees a seamless, hassle-free experience and frees IT to focus on other strategic priorities.

Dell Trusted Workspace helps secure endpoints for a modern, Zero Trust-ready IT environment. Reduce the attack surface with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software protections. End users stay productive, and IT stays confident with security solutions built for today’s cloud-based world.

Rely on our expert consultants to design unified communication solutions, configure collaboration software and integrate a broad range of technologies that enable remote employees to work anywhere, on any device.

Boost Productivity with Leading-Edge Devices and Peripherals

Dell Technologies offers the equipment, peripherals, tools and technology to equip, manage and support your remote workforce.
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Dell Laptops & Desktops

Factory-provisioned systems are preloaded with Windows 10 or 11, drivers and key applications so your remote workforce can get to work immediately.

Productivity Aids

Laptop docks, wireless headsets, and larger and second monitors let users work more efficiently.

Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Office 365 applications – Teams, OneDrive, Exchange – enable secure file access, video meetings, sharing documents and more.

Office 365 Expansion

We help companies with existing Office 365 environments to expand their use of collaboration solutions like Teams, OneDrive and Exchange, or establish Azure Active Directory.

Help Desk & Support

Our services provide additional support services for your IT team or let your team hand off help desk responsibilities completely.

Remote Administration

Establish Unified Endpoint Management with Quick Start for VMware Workspace ONE or Microsoft Intune to manage devices and systems from a single console.


Confidently prevent, detect and respond to threats with Dell and industry-leading partner security solutions.

Improve Performance and Usability with Dell Optimizer

With the recent democratization of Generative AI, the public can now access intelligent data that elevates the everyday work experience. It provides users with vast amounts of information and teaches and assists them on how to absorb it efficiently.

The PC becomes a vessel of information — the window to your world of productivity. Intelligent devices help improve performance and usability and deliver better access to these new technologies, so employees can do their jobs smarter and faster.

Dell Optimizer is our AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work, designed to automatically improve application and device performance, PC and accessory battery run-time, audio/video settings and privacy — all in the background while you’re working.
Safe and secure optimization. Our team at Dell abides by a strict, rigorous process of developmental cycles to ensure that all Dell Optimizer users enjoy a safe, secure AI experience and user information is always handled responsibly.

*Disclaimer: Collaboration Touchpad is only available on Latitude 9330 and 9440. Haptic controls are only available on the Latitude 9440 model.

Maximize Efficiency with a Unified Workforce Portal

Virtual workspaces, remote desktops and remote endpoint devices may be the Future of Work, but managing them also creates extra work for IT teams. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is the industry’s first workforce portal solution that enables remote management and support of all endpoint devices through the cloud with the highest levels of security. With comprehensive solutions that simplify the PC lifecycle environment, Unified Workspace gives your employees a seamless and hassle-free experience while minimizing the burden on IT.

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Transition to the Future of Work with a Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) supports your flexible workforce by delivering high-performance user experiences. Dell Technologies VDI solutions centrally store data, IP and apps in the data center to enhance user, data, app and endpoint security. Our end-to-end solutions enable anytime, anywhere digital workspaces by delivering extreme graphics in a reliable environment. And with our VDI technology, IT can manage applications from a central console and allocate resources dynamically to respond more quickly to user needs and business demands.

Dell Technologies supports your rapidly growing remote workforce with Ready Architectures and QuickStart Bundles for VDI. These validated and optimized solutions deliver access to a comprehensive array of remote desktop technologies, solutions and services for customizing virtual workspaces to offer every user high levels of performance and an astonishing amount of efficiency. When you need to deploy even faster, our award-winning deployment and support services will have you up and running faster than you can say VDI.

Dell Technologies VDI solutions are:

Secure Your Remote Workforce with Dell Endpoint Security

Dell is a trusted security and IT partner for organizations worldwide. Unlike point solutions, Dell focuses on overall security outcomes, building a suite of solutions that help organizations disrupt kill chains and make them more resistant and resilient to cyberattacks. Dell Trusted Workspace includes:
“Built-with” supply chain security: Rigorous supply chain controls help reduce the risk of product tampering and ensure device integrity.

Dell SafeSupply Chain: Trust hardware is tamper-free on delivery with optional paid add-ons for extra supply chain assurance, e.g., Secured Component Verification.

Deliver a Connected Workspace with SD-WAN

With Dell Technologies SD-WAN powered by VMware, you can quickly transition away from traditional WAN solutions, expensive dedicated bandwidth, complex infrastructure and data center dependence. Our SD-WAN technology is an all-in-one mobile workforce solution that delivers dynamic hybrid cloud capabilities, increases availability and saves significant time and money.

With Dell Technologies SD-WAN powered by VMware, you can quickly transition away from traditional WAN solutions, expensive dedicated bandwidth, complex infrastructure and data center dependence. Our SD-WAN technology is an all-in-one mobile workforce solution that delivers dynamic hybrid cloud capabilities, increases availability and saves significant time and money.

  • All-In-One Simplicity. VMware SD-WAN software is preloaded and preconfigured on Dell Edge appliances.
  • Efficient Management. Provision and ship devices anywhere, then configure and dynamically control them remotely with a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Advanced Hardware. Dell Edge Appliances and Dedicated Orchestrator feature Intel processors, DDR4 memory, flash storage and a full range of networking options.
  • Save 75%. Save up to 75% of private bandwidth costs by selectively shifting traffic to public internet.3
  • DMPO. Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization enables high performance over any type of link.
  • One-Call Support. A single call connects you with global world-class support for hardware and software.
  • Performance Everywhere. Access a global network of 440 cloud gateways optimized for application performance and featuring a 99.99% reliability SLA.

Dell Playbooks Technology Background

375% cost saving based on internal VMware calculation of private MPLS at $1,800/month converted to a SD-WAN dual broadband configuration cost of ~$200 per month. Actual savings will vary depending on specific configurations and broadband rates.

Get to Know Your Mobile Workforce

Dell Technologies Workforce Persona Services ensure that each remote employee has the devices, apps and data they need to stay productive. A proven four-stage process helps you segment users into clearly defined groups or personas, making it easy to tailor services and technologies for each group.
Data Collection. We automatically collect usage data for up to 5,000 employees.

  • Engagement. Surveys and interviews with users and stakeholders throughout your company ensure that each user’s unique IT needs are met.
  • Analysis. Grouping users into personas illuminates the technology each population needs to do their jobs.
  • Recommendations. Objective, actionable intelligence guides planning, budgeting, technology and service selection, software license utilization and more.
With Dell Technologies Workforce Persona Services, you’ll gain valuable insights about exactly what mobile workforce solutions are needed to empower users to work wherever, whenever and however they desire. With Dell, you can maximize productivity by delivering satisfying personalized experiences which engage, motivate, inspire and delight.

Services for Workforce Innovation

Creating a connected workspace is critical to keeping your remote workforce engaged and productive. When your top performers are fully engaged, they can be as much as 47 times more productive than their peers. We offer a range of services that accelerate workforce innovation and create a connected workspace that’s easy to manage while enabling more efficient communication and collaboration throughout your organization.

Our consultants help design, deploy and integrate a unified communication solution as part of your connected workspace. Combining email, voicemail, telephony, audio and video conferencing, our communication solutions address the needs of both users and IT teams with a scalable, modular solution and unified interface that keeps widely scattered remote employees connected and engaged.

The 5 Keys to Creating a Digital Workspace

Building a digital workspace is a mission-critical task for the Future of Work. A superior digital workspace empowers workers to quickly and securely access the applications and resources they need to do their jobs, no matter where they are or what device is in their hands at the moment.

Creating an effective digital workspace requires organizations to abandon their disjointed mix of point solutions and adopt an integrated digital platform that delivers five capabilities which are essential for the Future of Work.
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Seamless and frictionless end-user experiences

Intelligent policy automation must streamline provisioning, management, security and support for the devices within digital workspaces.

Support for any application on any device

Digital workplace solutions must provide access to legacy, mobile and SaaS-based applications from anywhere – at home, on the road, in the office or at hotdesking workstations.

Modern endpoint security

The digital workspace must safeguard users and data by catching and repelling threats before they do damage, enabling reliable backups and protecting credentials.

Connectivity for speed and high availability

A connected workspace with reliable, high-performance access to networks, applications and data centers is critical to the Future of Work.

Streamlined cloud-based management

Cloud services are integral to the Future of Work, providing the ability to manage devices and workspaces more easily and to scale to meet the growing needs of the organization.

Why Choose Dell’s Mobile Workforce Solutions?

A flexible workforce means your employees are working from more places and in more diverse ways than ever before. Your choice of remote workforce and digital workplace solutions is critical to helping them stay productive, keeping them connected and maintaining business continuity.

At Dell Technologies, we’ve been engineering leading-edge collaboration solutions for our own remote workforce for more than 10 years. Today, our infrastructure and end-user solutions help minimize risk, maximize efficiency and provide employees with everything they need to get the job done anywhere, anytime.

Making that happen takes a broad base of technical and business knowledge paired with strategic and financial planning skills – plus more than a little willingness to roll up one’s sleeves. It also takes a whole lot of connected workspace hardware, software and support service options in order to piece together precisely the right combination. These efforts must be guided by a team with years of experience in digital workplace solutions across countless projects. When all these elements are in place, you have exactly what you need to unify your team and unlock their full potential. That’s what you get with a partnership with Dell Technologies.

Remote Workforce FAQs

A remote workforce comprises employees who work outside the traditional office setting. Remote workers may work from home, from various geographic locations or while traveling.

A mobile workforce is made up of employees who work outside the physical office. These may include remote workers who work from home or at satellite locations as well as workers such as insurance inspectors, sales teams, construction workers and retail employees who are not tethered to a desk or an office. Mobile workforces typically connect to IT resources through mobile workforce solutions such as smart phones, tablets or laptops.

A flexible workforce is one where employees may work outside the traditional office setting and at times that depart from the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 schedule. Flexible workforces may also include temporary or part-time employees as well as freelancers and contractors.

A workforce portal is a virtual workspace that allows remote and mobile employees to access a familiar desktop environment and the applications and data they need stay productive.

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