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Managing Cloud Storage for Hybrid Environments

As organizations look to overcome barriers to hybrid cloud adoption, finding suitable cloud storage options is a critical priority. Hybrid cloud environments are designed to provide greater application and data portability, allowing IT teams to move workloads to the cloud resources that can best improve performance and reduce costs. Achieving this flexibility requires hybrid cloud data storage solutions that can be managed easily, that provide flexible consumption options and that can be integrated with both public and private cloud infrastructure.

As a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, Dell Technologies offers powerful cloud storage options that enable a simpler and faster path to hybrid cloud deployment.


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Dell APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud

Overcoming the Challenges of Cloud Storage

Dell’s storage services and solutions enable organizations and their IT teams to overcome the challenges of managing storage in the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Made Easy

Hybrid cloud storage solutions are critical in today's digital landscape, providing enterprises with the flexibility, resiliency, and efficiency needed for their evolving workloads. These solutions allow IT teams to manage storage requirements seamlessly across both public and private cloud infrastructures.

Dell APEX is a suite of infrastructure solutions specifically designed to simplify deploying and managing hybrid cloud environments.

Dell APEX Storage for Private Cloud

Dell APEX provides scalable elastic Storage as-a-Service for private clouds deployed on-premises or in Dell-managed interconnected colocation facilities. The Dell APEX portfolio of Storage as-a-Service solutions delivers the simplicity, agility and control that IT requires to respond to changing business needs and reduce risk with multicloud-ready storage services. These capabilities include block, file, object, and protection storage available in a pay-as-you-go model.

Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud

Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud is a comprehensive, enterprise-class family of native public cloud block, file and protection storage software. This family of solutions enables organizations to simplify operations with a consistent experience across on-premises and public cloud environments, enhance agility with seamless multicloud data mobility, and ensure control with enterprise-class reliability and unparalleled cyber-resiliency.




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Cloud Storage FAQs

Cloud storage involves the utilization of remote data centers to store, manage, and back up data, and to make it available to users as needed. Cloud data storage may be delivered by a service provider or by a company’s own data center, or a combination of both.

Storage in the cloud requires connectivity to upload, search, view or download files. During outages, and without proper replication or disaster recovery protocols, data stored in the cloud may not be available. With cloud storage, IT teams inherently have less control over data and storage resources, which can make it harder to comply with data governance policies and regulations. When it is not well-managed, migrating large amounts of data to or from the cloud can be a time-consuming and risky endeavor, with the possibility of data loss and corruption.

Cloud object storage is a storage architecture that manages data as objects rather than files. Objects contain data, metadata and a unique global identifier. Object storage is preferred for cloud applications because it supports unlimited scalability, accessibility via common APIs, and the ability to use a namespace, which can span multiple instances of physical hardware.

Private cloud object storage provides object storage within cloud infrastructure that’s hosted on-premises rather than through a cloud services provider. Private cloud object storage may help reduce storage costs, increase control, enhance security and streamline compliance for organizations whose data is highly regulated.

Object storage is ideally suited to the cloud because of its unlimited scalability, rapid data retrieval and cost-effectiveness.

Hybrid cloud storage is a storage architecture that uses both on-premises and off-site cloud resources, enabling data administrators to use the hybrid architecture as a single storage space. Hybrid cloud storage lets enterprises store data on the optimal storage device – within the data center or in the cloud – in order to meet a wide range of diverse workload requirements.

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