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Dell Unisphere

Unisphere Introduction

Dell Unisphere is a web-based unified storage management layer for Dell PowerMax, Dell Unity and Dell Unity XT storage systems. It provides a simple, flexible, and integrated user experience. Information is consolidated and visible through a single lens and managing storage is simplified by providing an intuitive, context-based approach. Users can customize their view and easily reallocate data. Unisphere also provides users with an extensive network of support and collaboration with other users.

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Unisphere's integration with data protection

Dell Unisphere isn't just about storage management; it's also about ensuring that your data is safe and recoverable. With the increasing threats to data integrity, having a robust data protection strategy is paramount. Unisphere's integration with Dell's data protection solutions ensures that your data is not only stored efficiently but is also safeguarded against potential threats.

  • Automated Backups: With Unisphere, you can schedule automated backups, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and recoverable in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  • Snapshot Management: Unisphere allows for easy management of storage snapshots, providing a quick method for data recovery.
  • Integration with EMC Data Protection Suite: Enhance your data protection capabilities by integrating Unisphere EMC with the EMC Data Protection Suite, offering advanced features like deduplication, replication, and more.

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Unisphere's user collaboration features

One of the standout features of Unisphere is its ability to foster collaboration among users. The other users storage extension feature allows administrators to grant access to specific parts of the storage infrastructure to other users. This collaborative approach ensures that tasks can be divided and managed more efficiently.

  • Shared Dashboards: Users can create, share, and customize dashboards, allowing for a more collaborative approach to storage management.
  • Sphere Console: The sphere console in Unisphere provides a centralized location where users can monitor, manage, and report on their storage infrastructure.

Unisphere FAQs

Unisphere integrates with Dell's data protection solutions, offering features like automated backups, snapshot management, and integration with the Dell PowerProtect offerings.

Unisphere fosters collaboration through features like users storage extensions, shared dashboards, and its console capabilities, allowing multiple users to manage and monitor the storage infrastructure.

Yes, Unisphere can be integrated with other EMC products. For example Dell CloudIQ and Dell PowerProtect offerings, enhancing storage management capabilities and its data protection.

Unisphere offers a simple, flexible, and integrated user experience with features like task-based navigation, customizable dashboards, and extensive support and collaboration options. Its focus on both storage management and data protection sets it apart.

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