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PC as a Service (PCaaS) for Business

Spend more time on your business, less time managing technology

For small business customers needing 20 - 300 systems, PCaaS for Business bundles hardware + software + end-to-end services for all of your technology needs.

Starting at $20/mo. for 36 months.**
Contact us at 1-888-346-2289 to learn more.


How does it work?

PCaaS for Business delivers everything you need bundled in a single, predictable price per seat per month.**


Customize your bundle
A Dell representative can help you select the hardware, software, and services you need over the term of your contract.


Apply for PC as a Service
PCaaS for Business starts at 20 systems minimum per contract, up to 300 systems. Call 1-888-346-2289 to apply and determine if you qualify.
If your business requires more than 300 systems, refer to PCaaS for Enterprise for more details.


Deploy your systems
Dell can perform your hardware deployment, software installation and data migration. These features are optional and can be included in your bundle. Ask your sales representative for more details.


Support and manage
Depending on the level of support you need to appropriately run your business, Dell is there for you, 24/7, for the length of the term.


End of term options
At the end of your term, Dell will help guide you through a successful end-of-term process.

Benefits & Features

Simple procurement & budgeting

  • Single provider for hardware, software and services
  • Predictable monthly payments**
  • Simplified business planning

Faster hardware refreshes

  • Hardware return process at the end of life is built in to the monthly payment**
  • Replace your hardware up to 5 months faster on average1

Worry-free IT

  • Dell can manage all stages of the PC lifecycle, from installation to asset return
  • Reliable products

ProSupport/ProSupport Plus

  • 90% Customer satisfaction score
  • Average 2 minute wait time to reach a rep
  • 24x7 Tech support
  • Next-business-day on-site support

Secure asset recovery

  • Pick-up logistics
  • Option for secure onsite data sanitization
  • Detailed reporting

Software to complete your bundle

  • Security software
  • Productivity software
  • Ask your sales representative about the latest software options available today

Learning Resources


Currently the length of a term is 36 or 48 months.**
Yes. A termination fee will be applied, but you can end your contract at any time. Remaining payments plus the fair market value of the assets will be due at point of termination.
At the end of the term, Dell will help guide you through the end-of-lifecycle process.
You may upgrade your technology and return your systems to Dell Financial Services, purchase the equipment at the fair market value at that time or extend your term for a fixed period.
The security of your business and your data is important. The returned systems go through a data sanitization process at an authorized Dell facility before shipping to Dell Financial Services.
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