• We champion the people who build our products

    Taking big steps toward a better world

    • Our supply chain touches hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. We’re keenly aware of its impact and recognize our responsibility to drive the highest standards. As a condition of doing business with us, we insist upon ethical practices, respect, and dignity for all who create our products. We partner with our suppliers to help them develop the necessary insight and capabilities, reinforced by a comprehensive audit program that accelerates and maintains improvements.

      Transparency and accountability are hallmarks of our approach. Whether at our own in-house manufacturing facilities, our partners’ facilities, or other direct material suppliers’ facilities, we insist on fair treatment and adherence to common standards. This includes driving the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, a unified approach to driving positive change and enhancing progress across the global technology supply chain. We are honored to be a founding member of the RBA and actively work with the group to support the rights and well-being of workers and communities within our industry.

    • Responsible Labor

      Protecting our people

      We work closely with suppliers to uphold human rights, labor standards and responsible sourcing of minerals. We support the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and work to protect the health and safety of all our workers.


      Reinforcing values throughout our supply chain

      Integrity, responsible business practices and a high standard of ethical behavior are at the heart of all we do. An effective management system is the key to identifying risks, reinforcing values, and driving change.


      Minimizing our footprint

      At Dell, we are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. We recognize our interactions with the environment can and do affect people, so we work with our suppliers to minimize our impact at every step.


      Working with responsibly sourced minerals

      Dell Technologies sources materials responsibly, ethically and sustainably. It is our goal to refrain from purchasing from any known sources suspected of funding conflict or any form of human rights abuse, and require the same of our suppliers.


      Equality of opportunity

      We believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their projects and dreams. That’s why, as a member of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, Dell is committed to significant spending with women- and minority-owned businesses as well as small businesses. 

    • Our suppliers

      Driving responsibility, globally

      Our global supply chain is complex and diverse, which is why we manage social and environmental responsibility holistically across our various suppliers.  

    • Learn more about our progress and get involved

    • FY22 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how we’re creating a positive impact on people and the planet for 2030 and beyond.

    • Dell Supplier Principles

      We expect our suppliers to adopt responsible social and environmental business practices as defined in our Supplier Principles and adhering to those principles are a condition of doing business with Dell.