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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

AIX, HP-UX, Linux, CentOS, and Solaris client known issues

The following table lists the AIX, HP-UX, Linux, CentOS, and Solaris client known issues in this release:

Table 1. AIX, HP-UX, Linux, CentOS, and Solaris client known issues
Issue ID Subject/Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
26077 Push upgrade on Linux fails for non-default installation location Using Avamar upgrade to push an Avamar client upgrade to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server client fails when the Avamar client software is installed in a non-default location. The use of the rpm option --relocate to install the Avamar client in a non-default location causes subsequent push upgrades to fail. NA
249425 Unable to configure Linux Fast Incremental at runlevel 5 in SUSE12 Linux Fast Incremental cannot be configured on SUSE 12 filesystems that are protected at runlevel 5. The interim solution to this problem is to configure the file systems to be protected in run level 3. NA
307231 Limitations to avagent services on SLES 12 SP3 or later The following limitations apply to the avagent service for Avamar on SuSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) version 12 SP3 or later:
  • You can only perform a manual stop and restart the avagent service after running avregister.
  • The avagent service does not start automatically after a system restart. A manual restart of avagent is required
312367, 312368 SLES version 11 still appears in some package names Several package names in Avamar 19.2, such as AvamarBundle and avinstaller-bootstrap, still indicate SLES version 11 in the package name. NA
322219 Server is unable to detect plug-ins and backup or restore jobs are waiting for client. The following issues were observed with Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SAP, and Lotus plug-ins for SLES12 SP4 and SLES 15/15 SP1 platforms:
  • Until you manually restart the avagent service, the server is unable to detect the plug-ins.
  • The backup/restore jobs are waiting for the client until you manually restart the avagent service.
Manually restart the avagent service.

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