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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

Avamar server known issues

The following table lists the Avamar server known issues in this release:

Table 1. Avamar server known issues
Issue ID Subject/Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
46224 Scheduled backups are missed during daylight savings time transitions Scheduled backups are missed during daylight savings time transitions During days when Daylight Saving Time (DST) transitions occur, if you have backups that are scheduled to run during the following times, the backups do not occur:
  • For the Spring DST transition, daily backups that are scheduled during the hour from 2:00 a.m. through 2:59 a.m. do not occur.
  • For the Autumn DST transition, daily backups that are scheduled during the hour from 1:00 a.m. through 1:59 a.m. do not occur.
The interim solution to this problem is to avoid scheduling backups during these time ranges, or to perform an ad-hoc backup when the scheduled backup does not occur.
299817 esc 29070 After root-to-root MC restore fails with "clients" violates foreign key constraint MC restore fails with clients violate foreign key constraint after root-to-root replication. The support team must update db schema with the provided script manually.
309181 esc 34646 --init fails to run mcrootca successfully and also fails to decrypt passwords for rmi_ssl_keystore_AP/rootAP and viewuserAP If you run with --init or --restore in the incorrect context, directories might be deleted. Note that the --init command is designed only for internal execution from the workflow framework during a new installation. An error occurs if you execute the command manually. NA
309554 IPv4 traffic initiated by Avamar in a dual stack environment In a dual stack environment where both Avamar and Data Protection Central (DPC) have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses configured, the communication should occur using IPv6 since this is the preferred network. However, IPv4 traffic is observed when Avamar is connecting to the DPC for the first time. To avoid any IPv4 traffic, remove Avamar from DPC, and then re-add Avamar.
310471 MCS running syncDisplayNameWithVmware when Rename VM event name contains .vmx prefix MCS runs syncDisplayNameWithVmware if the Rename VM event name contains ^vmfs/volumes/*.vmx prefix. This issue typically takes a day to correct itself automatically with the next vCenter synchronization. NA
311781 Jetty component on Avamar server and proxy node requires upgrade The Jetty component on the Avamar server and proxy node is not at the minimum recommended version. Upgrade the Jetty component to a minimum of version 9.4.16.
314532 Command output indicates that zzdpn.service failed The output of the systemctl status zzdpn.service command indicates that the zzdpn.service failed, even if all DPN services such as GSAN, MCS, and avinstaller are running normally. This error can be ignored, as there is no negative impact to functionality of the currently running server.
NOTE Operating system-based shutdowns of the Avamar server can result in data loss. The section "Powering off or restarting the server" of the Avamar Administration Guide provides more information about operating system shutdown and reboot best practices.
317003 esc 36763 urgent restore fails with error Failed to retrieve backup list from account xxx (error code 18 MSG_ERR_NOT_PRESENT) Urgent restore fails with an error when the SSD is empty. If the SSD is empty, using avmaint stripestate to bring the stripe online sets it right and the stripe is rebuilt because it is missing from the disk.
317657 hwfaultd - add check for file system free space approaching 100% full When the file system is full, an undefined behavior is observed on ADS. NA
318619 Updating gen4t-sys zip to include latest ipmiutil-emc rpm In gen4t-sys-2.3, which is the payload included with Avamar 19.3.0-122 , it is still bundling the older ipmiutil-emc-2.7.9-8.x86_64.rpm. The required fix must bundle ipmiutil-emc-2.7.9-11.x86_64.rpm with a new, and update the workflows to include the payload. NA
319081 AWS m5: get kernel error EDAC skx: Can't get tolm/tohm every boot time Kernel error is observed during boot time of an AWS m5 instance. It is an indicator that the VM Host implements the Skylake platform incompletely; the tohm missing message is printed when the operating system tries to decode the EDAC information, and fails to access the required I/O registers. The right way is to implement those registers in the VM Host emulation. NA
319461 esc 37431 WC - Win FS Restore - SR<16968788> - Not all permissions are restored when using --restore-acls-only flag To turn the xflag into official flag, a new procedure in flag handling that modifies many APIs must be included. NA
320300 ADS4T-SLES11-SP4-64-0001.02.iso and Gen4T, eth0 (shared port) sometimes auto-negotiates to 100 Mbps After kickstart with SLES 12 SP5 v8 ISO, the eth0 interface runs at 100 Mbps on some gen4t nodes, which are not as expected. If same node is kickstarted with SLES 11 SP3 1.64, the eth0 interface runs at 1000 Mbps. These nodes only run 1000 Mbps with SLES 11 SP3 and run 100 Mbps with SLES 11 SP4, SLES 12 SP4, or SLES 12 SP5. Run ethtool -s to reset the advertised link speed to 1000Mbps.
320741 esc 37619 When VM backup jobs are configured to connect to Data Domain, the proxyDirectives section of the work order are not created VM backup job work orders are not created correctly if the backup is to a specific Data Domain in that dedicate customer environment. This is because of the incorrect database operations in that environment, which caused to have duplicated entries in MCDB. Remove duplicated entries in MCDB.
321131 Avamar upgrade failed at Install Gen4T system tools (95 of 170) The root cause of failure of the Avamar Upgrade workflow is claimed to be an underlying system pathology that is particular to In the case of, the get-platform-logs command appeared to be unresponsive without completing, which is a strong indication that the BMC on is in a bad state. If the BMC remains in a bad state, then it might be necessary to do a power-drain procedure, which involves shutting down the node as gracefully as it will allow, and then pulling utility power - either via remote power control or by physically pulling the power cords - waiting a minute or so, and then re-connecting power and restarting the node. NA
321158 When FIPS is on, every time is boots, there are dracut-pre-trigger modprobe FATAL Model not found messages on console This issue is being investigated by SUSE. The fatal errors reported seem to be safe to ignore. NA
321198 AdaptecEventMonitorService.service incorrectly reported as inactive On ADS Gen4T with SLES 12 SP5, systemctl status AdaptecEventMonitorService.service (seen as EventMonitor in 'ps' listings) incorrectly shows the status as Inactive, even though the service is up. NA
322055 Serviceability report is unresponsive for 1 hour on multi-node Avamar Serviceability report becomes unresponsive for an hour because /usr/local/avamar/bin/ is unresponsive. This issue is observed when the SUDO is not working on data node. NA
324711 Hyper-V-2012 kernel: hv_vmbus: probe failed for device 2450ee40-33bf-4fbd-892e-9fb06e9214cf (-19) Hyper-V-2012 kernel: hv_vmbus: probe failed for device 2450ee40-33bf-4fbd-892e-9fb06e9214cf (-19). It has dependency on SuSE. NA
325343 IDPA 2.6.0: MC is unable to log in to gsan after password change. AV change password workflow causes the MC's run gsan command to fail after rollback. Perform the following:
  1. After AV change password, perform mc flush by using the command --flush.
  2. Create a gsan checkpoint by using the command mccli checkpoint create --override_maintenance_scheduler.
325781 AWS: build kernel error: Cannot get hvm parameter CONSOLE_EVTCHN Kernel error is observed during boot time of an AWS instance: Cannot get hvm parameter CONSOLE_EVTCHN NA

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