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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

Avamar Administrator technical notes

The following technical notes apply to Avamar Administrator.

Avamar Administrator directory browsing limitation

When browsing a client file system with Avamar Administrator, large numbers of files in the directories can cause Avamar Administrator to run out of memory. Avamar Administrator is configured by default to only retrieve the first 50,000 files in each directory. Change this limitation by editing the max_browse_entries settings in mcserver.xml and mcclient.xml. However, this step could cause unpredictable application behavior.

Jobs do not appear in the Activity Monitor after server restart

If the administrator server is stopped and restarted, the jobs that started before the administrator server stop do not appear in the Activity Monitor.

Schedule start times and end times

If a different start time is selected in the schedule, reselect the desired end time.

Client name change impacts license quota

If a client is renamed, the old name of the client remains for activities reporting data for the client. Avamar treats new activities for the same client as if they were for a new client, leading to double counting the number of bytes protected for licensing purposes. If a client name change is required, consult EMC Customer Service to ensure that the database is correctly updated.

Additional “cold start” messages from netsnmp

To resolve an issue where SNMP stops responding, Avamar must frequently restart the netsnmp agent. The netsnmp agent generates a “cold start” message on each restart, in which additional “cold start” messages that are unrelated to actual restart of the Avamar system or incorrect operation of the system appear. However, there are some difficulties to distinguish between a real “cold start” message from the restart of Avamar system and a “cold start” message that is generated as the result of netsnmp agent restarts.

Software conflicts with Black Ice and Timbuktu

The Avamar Administrator software is known to have conflicts with software packages such as Black Ice and Timbuktu.

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