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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

IBM DB2 plug-in known issues

The following table lists the IBM DB2 plug-in known issues in this release:

Table 1. IBM DB2 plug-in known issues
Issue ID Subject/Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
286466 Known problem in Oracle, DB2, and Sybase plug-in for snapview failures When a backup is initiated from the Avamar Administrator and fails in the late stages of the backup operation, it is possible that the plug-in application considers the backup to be successful. You cannot perform a restore operation on this backup from Avamar Administrator. Restoring such a backup might still be possible by using a command line restore. This step is documented as a supported operation in the DB2 Plug-in user guide.

How to identify the issue:

  1. The database reports the backup as successful, although the Avamar Administrator reports it as failed.
  2. Failed backup log messages include an error message that is generated during the late stages of the backup.

    For the Avamar Plug-in for Oracle, DB2, and Sybase ASE, the failure is logged with the error message Failed to create the snapview. However, the database data has been successfully backed up and is marked as a hidden backup. Restore is available through CLI only. See the plug-in documentation for information about restoring hidden backups.

NOTE Best practice is to monitor all backup failures and ensure that such cases are followed with a successful full backup. This step requires that you create a successful full backup after any failed backup event.
289136 For consecutive Avamar DB2 restores, the second restore within the new connection timeout period might fail When two consecutive Avamar DB2 (avdb2) restores are initiated and the second database restore starts before the previous restore is complete, the second database restore within the new connection timeout period might fail, with the following error displayed in the CLI and the DB2 diagnostic log file db2diag:
SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media "VENDOR".
As a best practice, do not start the second database restore until the first restore has completed successfully. Also, before issuing the second DB2 database restore command, ensure that there are no avdb2 processes currently running on the system. If the previous database restore operation is taking longer than expected, ensure that a sufficiently high value has been set for the flag --timeout-new-connection.

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